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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Website Launch

NEW WEBSITE: www.RedSECupp.com

Welcome to the official launch of www.RedSECupp.com, the new online home of S.E. Cupp.

Visit now and visit often. Some highlights:

Read SE's "Fanmail": SE posts the worst of the worst -- so if you've ever written her a nasty email, chances are it's up there....along with your name and email address. Aunt Ida, that means you.

Column Archive: Everything SE's ever written is logged here, so if you've been trying to find that hard-hitting piece she wrote months ago on Plaxico Burress and the folly of elastic-waist sweat pants as a gun holster, search no further.

Video Archive: What was that thing SE said that time on that show that made me want to throw my loafer at the TV? Can't remember? Pour yourself a glass of Scotch, light up that Montecristo and re-watch the segment from the comfy confines of SE's video library. Mmm...mahogany.

General Hilarity: Thanks to Tucker Carlson, Congressman Thad McCotter, Nick Hornby and SE's Dad for providing hilarious quotes for the new homepage. They are easily the best part of the site.

And much much more. On www.RedSECupp.com at this very moment: SE breaks a story in Townhall Magazine about the most serious terrorist threat you've never heard of. What's happening in Western Sahara?