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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Fish Out of Water

I have a new column up on Sports Illustrated online:

"First, there was the poisonous Portuguese Man-O'-War I managed to run my finger through. Then, while I awaiting a slow death, Captain Gavet cheerfully told me the story of dead bodies he'd come upon during his years as one of Southern Florida 's only fulltime guides."


Anonymous said...

This just adds another reason why S.E. is a real babe, a hottie who actually fishes while fishing and not just tanning.

Jonfun said...

I actually feel like the photo make you so out of place. Cigar and beer? I can dig the country girl, redneck, or whatever girl in you. Just still looks disturbingly wrong. I've seen you dressed up to many times. The hair down look just...just...yeah. Its shutty time.