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Monday, June 22, 2009

Feminism Is Dead (Good Riddance)

I have a new piece up in Newsmax today:

"Feminism is Dead (Good Riddance)"

"When Barbara Boxer had the audacity – and some would argue, questionable mental clarity – to publicly scold a US Army general for calling her 'ma’am' instead of 'senator,' it telegraphed to the rest of the world the sheer inanity of today’s modern feminism, a rusting relic of the 60’s that’s been pushed so far to the extreme borders of relevance that it actually has Boxer hearing things. Yes, in today’s feminism, calling a woman 'ma’am' is a mark of disrespect."


Anonymous said...

Thanks S.E. Cupp for being one of the few females on TV who is not a liberal fleabag like or Joy Beyhar. Have you been teased for being a man yet (like Ann Coulter) by the left? It's usually the first thing they do to women who think differently from them.

Anonymous said...

Democrat and Liberals have a hard time dealing with facts when confronted with them they would much rather get into a quasi linguistic semantic ritual that takes up air time and then when finally asked to answer the question ...OH we ran out of time for this block, we'll be sure to have you back again! Politicians always answer the question THEY {wished you had asked} but Democrats and Liberals have a monopoly on it.

Thanks SE..stand your ground and keep producing the facts!!

Matt Retired USAF

P.S. Boxer hasn't earned the right to shine the General shoes

Dustin said...

Bravo! Could'nt have said it any better myself. I was beginning to think that nobody was ever going to have the gall to call these bigots out for what and who they really are.