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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oddest Insult Yet

Today Politico's Arena contributors weighed in on the health care town halls that are greeting many lawmakers back home:


What's the lesson learned from these town halls?

S.E. Cupp, Author and Columnist: Do even the elite liberal media believe their own spin? It's hard to imagine. Any opposition to President Obama's bizarro-world policies (truly, some of this is right out of a creepy sideshow fun house) is dismissed as either crazy or stupid. Andrea Mitchell says we don't know what's good for us. Bill Maher calls us a dumb country. Huffington Post says we're all "Anne-Coulter-Ugly lookalikes." Real original -- and classy! But the newest attack isn't to call us crazy or stupid. It's to call us -- get this -- organized. That's right, we conservatives can throw away our dunce hats and psychiatric bracelets, because now we're actually a little TOO cunning.

Maybe the liberal press finally realized what Madison Avenue's known for decades -- you don't win new consumers by insulting them. But this newest approach -- to say we're "manufactured," as Robert Gibbs suggested -- is the most perplexing yet. You remember, the tea parties that brought hundreds of thousands of regular ol' Americans out on tax day were Astro turf -- fake grass roots, and according to Paul Krugman, proof that Middle America is embarrassing. And now all these concerned citizens popping up to plead with their local representatives in opposition to a scary Mary health care proposal are planted, props of some highly-organized kabal of conservative puppet masters.

It's so impossible for the Obama administration and his surrogates in the media to believe that average Americans care about anything as much as they care about American Idol, that the whole thing must be rigged. Liberals used to just be out of touch. I don't know what you call this.



Matthew J. Cochran said...

Don't forget "well dressed". That was Boxer's criticism of us today.

Anonymous said...

SE I must have your full name street address house number phone number your mothers maiden name and your dogs nick name. I was requested by the whitehouse to forward any negativity to them.
Thank you,
A conserned citizen
Motto: if your mommy is a commie you gotta turn her in

i'm so zen said...

What a dickhead job, sitting around collecting "insults". Why don't you look into your mingey little heart and admit that you live to be insulted. Anger and resentment fuel you. Without perceived "insults" from the "left, your life would have no meaning at all. It would be empty.

This political thing is just a cover. You write with the sense of grievance, scorn and tale-tattling of the editor the high school paper.

If it wasn't about politics you'd be writing about show business or the awful girl down the street.

Rise_Up said...

Zen it's popular to be stupid these days. You fit right in with Obama white house. And pity you can't hold a candle to Ms.Cupp.

Johnny said...

S.E, thank you for doing such a great job telling us the outrageous problems on Wall Street and of Socialized Medicine.

I do ask you to read this article by a 15 year old Conservative. I think you and this guy by the name of Ryan O'Hara are the best reporters in politics right now.


Craig Pemberton said...

Wow, Ryan O'Hara?? Ryan was my broadcasting student at Centennial Middle School back in 2006. He, to be honest, was the best TV Reporter we ever had. Absolutely dedicated. He was our politics, school, and sports reporter all at the same time. He loves NASCAR for some reason. S.E, you and Ryan bring Conservatives to life! You two are one of the best journalists this country will ever have.

Saul Albor said...

Excellent article S.E.! All of this made a lot of sense to me.

Wow, just wow. Ryan's article was really powerful and right on target! It's hard to believe he is only a junior in high school.

the dominator said...

what i find rather amusing is that in all the previous years and especially during the bush presidency, is that liberals were pretty much the only ones out there doing all these protests.

i think over the ages they got the feeling they were the ONLY ones who were allowed to do this and they could do anything from a basic, peaceful protest to the more hostile stuff. even the hostile stuff was fine because they were doing it for good (their) reasons.
now they are seeing that the right to protest actually applies to ALL of us and seeing thousands of people doing this from the tea parties to the town hall meetings has them a bit rattled. they are now doing their best to try to discredit these people and failing.

besides, i guess groups like acorn or many others out there are legit and not orchestrated in ANY way? what a bunch of hypocrites! they can't stand a taste of their own medicine and it is so funny to see it!!

the dominator said...

I do also have to add that Ryan O'Hara, whom which I have just read his articles...he is pretty damn intelligent for a junior in high school...what was his gpa?

Anonymous said...

My GPA was 3.76 as a freshman in high school and 3.89 as a sophomore.

The White House is trying to hide the real unemployment rate!

im so zen said...

Rise Up -- it's not popular to be stupid these days, it never was. Are you popular?

i'm even more zen now said...

I can't hold candle to SE Cupp? But sir or madam, I am not a professional essayist, whereas she is. I'm just a regular American. Or did you mean I can't hold a candle to her ass in order to put her through the ceiling?

Anonymous said...

Zen: You're arrogance and stupidity is just horrifying to the average American and Conservative.

Zen, are you serious you don't understand Rise_Up's quote of "pity you can't hold a candle to Ms. Cupp? You sound like an immature little three year old in you're last post.

I'll let you think for yourself on what that means. I will not tell you, as you don't deserve of my assistance and are too ignorant and stupid to receive it.


Ryan O'Hara

Pure American Politics http://cibolahighpolitics.blogspot.com

i'm so zen I can meditate in my sleep said...

Ryan O'Hara -- hot damn, you are brilliant!! I feel so bad that you, with your exalted grade point average, won't explain those other posts to me. The problem couldn't be that those writers expressed themselves like pack-donkeys, could it? Let's just hope that some form of the Obama health plan passes so a brilliant mind like yours does not expire prematurely, gagging and writhing on the ER floor because you didn't have the right coverage. The very thought of that has me near tears -- because our nation so needs minds like yours. I'm choking up, actually, my bowels are so moved by all this.

By the way, I'm conservative, although what that has to do with it beats the hell out of me.

Go get 'em Rat-boy!

militia mickey said...

Ryan O'Hara has learned his lessons well from Plain,Limbaugh at el. He immediately identifies himself as the " average American" as he fights with someone he doesn't agree with. In other words, all who don't think like him or express themselves like him are not average Americans. They are something else. They are "the other". Perhaps he was identifiying himself as a mediocre American when he said "average". While this is probably true, judging from his writing style ("you don't deserve OF my assistance" ) I don't think it's what he meant. I think he meant that he and average Americans are conservative (he said so, though it's of course false, they're split) and that they are the good people. The injured tone, the self-righteousness and the suck-up to the religious right -- he's really absorbed the playbook. Bravo, young fascist. We're proud of you.

Anonymous said...

left wing looneys are only 7%.
Calling Ryan vindictive is like calling the kettle black. You nuts on th eleft have been calling us nazis, right wing riligious nuts, and way worse. I didn't see where Ryan called you anything that isn't real. Another thing what have you been calling Bush for the last 8 years. Oh I forgot, Bush deserves it.
Wacko. And as for disagreeing...look what the left is calling average everyday conserned citizens at the town hall meetings now. I guess Acorn and siu are the real deal.

Strategist said...

People should just chill out. Like take this "death Panel" thing Palin is so worried about. That will never happen. Go to FackCheck.org -- no accuracy in anything she said.

She thinks YOU are stupid enough and hysterical enough to buy it.

But even if you believe her, even if you believe FactCheck is part of a vicous "lefty" conspiracy -- and I'm sure many of you do since facts are a nuisance -- even if you believe in the "death panels", stop and think about it -- the Dems NEED an oppostion to give themselves legitimacy. If all retarded people were sentenced to death, there would be no right wing.

That wouldn't serve the Dems.

Anonymous said...

note to strategist...today they decided to remove the death panel part of Obamas plan.That makes Palin correct and your argument in the dust

Anonymous said...

Strategist, if Palin is making up the death panel stuff, Why did the senate now take the death panel off the plate?

A said...

ugh- everyone is missing the death panel thing-- I LIKE the end of life consultations.

I have problems with the "Commissions" that will determine what the "most appropriate" and "affordable" methods of health care are.

H.R. 3200 on page 502 establishes the "Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research"
The Secretary shall establish within the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality a Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research to conduct, support, and synthesize research with respect to the outcomes, effectiveness, and appropriateness of health care services and procedures in order to identify the manner in which diseases, disorders, and other health conditions can most effectively and appropriately be prevented, diagnosed, treated, and managed clinically.

That's just the tip of the iceberg-- there are THREE different panels in the course of like 10 pages-- read pages 501-510. Then read page 619 where it says:
(c) CONSIDERATIONS IN SETTING NATIONAL PRIORITIES.—With respect to such priorities, the Secretary shall ensure that priority is given to areas in the delivery of health care services in the United States that—
(3) have the greatest potential for improving the performance, affordability, and patient centeredness of health care, including those due to variations in care;

Have fun- it's a big bill that needs defeated-- not modified.

Quran said...

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