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Friday, August 7, 2009

Gay America, Get Your Priorities Straight

I have a new column in the New York Daily News:

"Gay America, Get Your Priorities Straight"

"The Advocate gives Obama an 'F' for his work on repealing DOMA, and a 'C-' for what it calls slow action on repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' It also questions whether or not Obama's been lobbying hard enough for Employment Non-Discrimination legislation. The indictments against the President are well-founded - he has done little to expand gay rights. But that doesn't make this a smart strategy for gay activists. In fact, it's pretty dumb."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oddest Insult Yet

Today Politico's Arena contributors weighed in on the health care town halls that are greeting many lawmakers back home:


What's the lesson learned from these town halls?

S.E. Cupp, Author and Columnist: Do even the elite liberal media believe their own spin? It's hard to imagine. Any opposition to President Obama's bizarro-world policies (truly, some of this is right out of a creepy sideshow fun house) is dismissed as either crazy or stupid. Andrea Mitchell says we don't know what's good for us. Bill Maher calls us a dumb country. Huffington Post says we're all "Anne-Coulter-Ugly lookalikes." Real original -- and classy! But the newest attack isn't to call us crazy or stupid. It's to call us -- get this -- organized. That's right, we conservatives can throw away our dunce hats and psychiatric bracelets, because now we're actually a little TOO cunning.

Maybe the liberal press finally realized what Madison Avenue's known for decades -- you don't win new consumers by insulting them. But this newest approach -- to say we're "manufactured," as Robert Gibbs suggested -- is the most perplexing yet. You remember, the tea parties that brought hundreds of thousands of regular ol' Americans out on tax day were Astro turf -- fake grass roots, and according to Paul Krugman, proof that Middle America is embarrassing. And now all these concerned citizens popping up to plead with their local representatives in opposition to a scary Mary health care proposal are planted, props of some highly-organized kabal of conservative puppet masters.

It's so impossible for the Obama administration and his surrogates in the media to believe that average Americans care about anything as much as they care about American Idol, that the whole thing must be rigged. Liberals used to just be out of touch. I don't know what you call this.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Organic Emperor Has No Clothes

I have a new column up in Newsmax:

"The Organic Emperor Has No Eco-Friendly Clothes"

"I have to believe that Kate Gosselin and mothers like her genuinely believe they're raising healthier and happier kids by shoving organic lollipops in their mouths, shelling out twice as much of the hard-earned family income at Whole Foods for organic peas, and sending their husbands out to build picnic tables from reclaimed wood. Why else would they do such ludicrous things in the middle of a recession?"