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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is Obama a Socialist?

"Is Obama a Socialist? Not if You Ask One," in Human Events, by S.E. Cupp.


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GlobusProject said...

We shall see.

But being in Washington DC and seeing how one side seems to follow a command and control philosophy which is very useful in Process Management and the technology pushing us to more collaborative intelligence management solutions, which require a more individualized management approach, which the other side seems to master, I have no doubt which side is more capable at Change Management. As we move more towards a knowledge management world, you will find less emphasis on process management (which was only really started at the beginning of the Industrial Age) and more on building teams and combining the collective intelligence of individuals into virtual intelligence/analytical teams.

One side is much more attuned to the future of the USA than the other. It might also signify why we are changing to a more liberal country. NoVA may make the difference in this election, or at least in VA. We should start looking at the new Information Age of the 21st Century and how it is changing our society.