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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome to Red S.E. Cupp

Welcome to Red S.E. Cupp, my new online home. Here you can peruse my op-eds, view my video clips, listen to my podcasts and read my blog posts. You'll also be able to link up to some of my favorite bloggers, writers, pundits and YouTube auteurs. You can buy "Why You're Wrong About the Right" by clicking on the book jacket, and you can write to me here by submitting comments. (Please, try to keep them tasteful so my lovely parents can stave off seizures.) I'm a busy girl, but I'll try my best to keep this space fresh and up-to-the-minute. Feel free to send me YOUR interesting blogs or news items, and I'll post on the basis of their relevance and ability to make me spit my coffee out. Thanks for wandering in...hope to brighten your day. Or stomp on it. Signing off for now...here's to red living.



Gasgwar said...

Let me be the first to stomp around in here. Nice digs. Still has that new place smell. Best of luck!

Michael said...

Congrats on starting the blog! You're definitely my favorite center-right commentator. It's great to see that you've put the Cato Institute on your list of links to.

If you need any help with any of the blogging ins and outs, just let me know and I'll be there.


Flip Pidot said...

Congrats on the new place, SE. I threw you a housewarming link, which ought to help you christen the place with literally several pageviews. No thanks required.

Your blog's name is an anagram for "scuppered". Have I cracked some kind of "Mr. Mojo Risin" cipher?

T. Mannis said...

Nice digs. Kudos!

Bruce said...

S.E. Nice to be connected up with you. Always enjoy your comments in the Fox Strategy Room.

Bruce MacGibbon
Gresham, OR

Jketzel said...

Congrats on the new site. I look forward to seing what come with it. Keep the faith and the good work.

Stephen Smoot said...


I'd like to invite everyone to take a look at our blog, too. We talk about regional, state, and national topics of interest at Potomac Highlands Conservative.

I'm definitely impressed with Red S. E. Cupp. This is the kind of dynamic voice that our movement needs.

D said...

Insert plaudit here.

Say hi to Brett for me, and help him start a blog.


Alex Diz said...

Cngrats S.E. It's long over due.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

S.E., glad to see ya blogging - been waiting for this day ever since you and Brett interviewed on my radio show

colecurtis said...

Congratulations I am happy and excited for you. You have earned and deserve it.

Alexander said...


Red County said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! WE like it!!

Ron said...

Amazing person! I love your work it is indeed a rare thing to put a mind like a steel trap inside a playboy models body. look forward to your own news show!

Peace Love and Happiness