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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hunting is Up!

I have a feature up on FoxNews.com about the rise in hunting this year from last.



kc said...

Good piece. I bet the dude from the Humane Society enjoyed his farm raised steak for dinner last night. That is a point most non-hunters don't get or buy into - hunting is more humane, in my opinion, that mass produced beef, etc. Doesn't Nug state that ad nauseam?

I am glad you addded the Obama part to the puzzle. I want to see firm stats on the rumor that taxes on ammo are going to increase under his watch. If possible, add that in a follow on...

Jonfun said...

I'm no hunter because I don't have the skill, am a girlie man, and just doesn't interest me. I leave it to the real, sportsmen, men.

If the want to hunt it, skin it, and eat it I'm all down for them to do it. I'd rather do what most the free world does now. Writes on the internet. Wait, the blogosphere is already packed. What's left? May be I should got hunt something up. ;-)

Winston said...

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