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Friday, January 23, 2009

Letters to SE

Have a new piece in American Spectator that discusses the surprisingly angry responses to my Washington Post op-ed...



Chris said...

SE, I hope you don’t take their comments personally. I don't remember a time when the liberals were not mad, even when they win they are still pissed. But they feel superior to everyone, don't think so. My comment to all those who feel it necessary to share their level of education with the masses nobody but you cares! Just another example of how the liberals really think they are the elite of our country. Shows all of us how inferior you really feel and are.

Scott said...

S.E. Cupp-

Sorry for the stream of concious thought that is about to follow (new to blogging, yes disgrace to my generation) but after reading your blog for a few weeks I decided it was time to say something. Simply thank you. Not that articulate, but its what you deserve. I am on my third war zone tour, and all I can say is that, honestly, there are days where your blog gives me faith in people who still believe. Alot of us are out here, serving something we believe in and we don't hear a lot of support from back home. We here this talk of people who are dedicated to "hope and change", and well, we see things different. I have seen numerous 18 year old kids enlist, kids from the worst background you can imagine, and they enlist to make a change. Not only to their country, but to their own lives because of the benefits the military can give them. And yet, they get no credit, no mass crowds supporting their efforts to fight for hope and change. No one writing a book or applauding their accomplishments. So to hear you fight for us...well, thank you. S.E., thank you.

Stay safe.

P.S. sorry for the bad grammar...writing over here over spotty email...ha

Anonymous said...

I am curious to get your response to the following question:

Should there be a well defined CONSERVATIVE LITMUS TEST that we can use to determine whether someone is in the conservative realm or not?

I was thinking of this because it seems that it would benefit those who attack us as well as those of us who are actually conservatives.

Just curious what you think about it.


Anonymous said...

A lot of those comments made me want to ask "what part of 'opinion' do they not understand? It was not meant to be a hard news story. Also, those who could do nothing more than make fun of your name proved to blogosphere once and for all that liberals, when faced with someone who does not agree with them, can only resort to name calling. I hate to resort to that cliche, but how else can you describe it?