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Friday, May 22, 2009

Liberals Blame Christians for Adam Lambert Loss

I have a new piece up in Townhall:

"Really Talented Performer Wins American Idol; Liberals Blame Christians"

"Liberals are once again falling back on the only explanation they can ever muster when an anointed protégé or pet cause du jour loses: blame the backwards, hickish, intolerant Christian masses. Yes, the same folks who – inexplicably – put George W. Bush in the White House (twice), fell for Sarah Palin, and voted for Proposition 8 all to the shock and awe of the apoplectic left."



Anonymous said...

yup, that's all right there... pretty accurate.

bruce nahin said...

SE you are so correct- by the way what does SE stand for?

White Ford Falcon said...

I'm in total agreement with you SE. I watched every American Idol show this season and it is amazing that Kris was able to overcome the bias against him... refering to him as the underdog, a dark horse and his getting very little air time prior to the top 12 shows.

Kris succeeded because he is very talented... which is not to say that Adam was not. In the end, Kris got more votes, which is the foundation of the show's premise as I recall.

Good job to both contestants and shame on those that attribute this to anything other than a personal, musical preference...

Good job SE for calling this out.