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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Supreme Court as Montessori School?

Check out my latest post in the Fox Forum:

"Obama's Wacky Supreme Court Vision"

"How do we administer an empathy test? Will the Judiciary Committee present potential appointees with a hypothetical empathy stress test? 'Box of Puppies: Good or Bad?'"


MiloRimbaldi said...

I liked it but there were way to many words that needed googling in the first two paragraphs. and also I'm just gonna go on the record here and say "puppies good".

Perry said...

"Empathy stress test" reminds me of that bit near the beginning of "Blade Runner" where the cop is giving the guy a test to "generate an emotional response" to determine whether he's a replicant.

... or maybe I'm just WAY too geeky for my own good.