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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is Obama Thinking?

I have a new post up on the Fox Forum:

"What Is Obama Thinking?"

"While it's true the president's job is not to mediate childish playground disputes, he is supposed to show some calculated leadership on all kinds of issues, small and large, especially when they become so publicly divisive. Americans are desperate to know what he thinks, and his lack of leadership on these issues has been conspicuous and chilling."


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how Pelosi criticized the CIA for lying to Congress and the Democratic Congress doesn't want to prosecute the CIA for lying..mmmm makes you wonder where the truth lies, all Obama has to say is "I'm not going to get into that, that's a Congressional problem" and he gets his Media Pass card stamped and away he and Pelosi go..off into the sunset. I'm wondering if he hopes North Korea does launch something Hawaii's way so he can say it hit the Office of Public Records and burned down the building that housed his birth certificate just when he was about to have it released.......

ruth said...

Read your Fox post. Wow, you told him. And I loved the photo with the little strand of pearls. Of all the silly little entitled girls of your generation, you are certainly the funniest. And I call you girl because you find the pieties and protest of 60s feminism beneath you. So did I get it right? The president of the US was supposed to take time out from the Korean atom-parts ship and health care for Americans (lilke it or hate it, that's not the point) to berate DAVID LETTERMAN for disrespecting Plain's baby-momma daughter? You truly are a stupid twat, aren't you? And again, I use that term because the pieties of 60's feminism are a big yawn for you so I'll use the good old sexist pig language of yesteryear. So you want the Pres of the US to be not only commander in chief but also guardian of taste? Like ...Iran? Khameini? Where the political leader can sanction miniskirts? And probably unwed mothers too. They know how to treat a lady over there.

That is soooo entitled of you to want the Dean to step in. No doubt, come to think of it, you would welcome some sort of right wing dictatorship-lite here. Who was the "liberal" who so enraged you, hon? Mommy? Daddy? That horrible boyfriend or first husband? You see Beck, O'Reilly and Inanity making millions and what a piece. So far, no takers. Red Eye appearances are what? ASCAP minimum? Keep it up. But you need to be BLONDE. Check it out. Keep plugging, you're a funny girl.

Dustin said...

I am going to have to agree with ruth on this one although in a much more tastefull manner. Radical feminism as in your previous article no doubt needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.

Nevertheless usually people are always slow to criticize anything which they perceive from having benefited from or something that they will benefit from in the future. Which is the case with many women today with feminism. They don't want to call out those radical individuals for the bigots they are.

However what appears to have happened here is that many in my generation (yours as well, late 20's early 30's) have forgotten the battles that women truly did have to fight to get what they have today. In turn they expect it...like the way it is today is the way it always was....it was'nt.

Its ok to criticize anything/anyone for going to far to one side on an issue and going off track as feminist radicals have done. But you should never forget your past (introspectively or globally), although that does'nt mean you have to constantly relive it.

It is not the job of the goverment to dictate social issues as a matter of policy. This is the very same thing you are against (less govt intervention).

The original feminist movement truly was a grass roots movement which you as a woman alone, yet with your 'sisters', are responsible for keeping alive while recognizing that difference between radical and sensible.

P.U. Cupp said...

I've got an idea -- George Bush isn't president anymore, but he was recently, and he doesn't really have anything to do now except unpack his stuff, his Mattel flight suit, etc. Why not let him scold the comedian while the sitting president keeps to his schedule of world crises and dealing with the fractured economy? Could be helpful bipartisanism.

Anonymous said...

Your post was up on Fox for about fifteen minutes. Guess they didn't think much of it. You're going to have to do better if you want a piece of Murdoch's Millions in a regular time slot.

And if guy viewers have to choose between you and hot Megyn Kelly or that Joyce person, let's face it, you're going to be on the bus back to the sorority house.

Not an easy career you've chosen but it beats working.

Anonymous said...

Hit the button too soon. Granted, what I said above is nasty medicine but we're talking as broadcasting professionals. I'm a consultant. I know you were very concerned about Letterman's sexist comments re Palin and I'm not trying to compete. But if you're going to get in the ring with the big guys/gals like him, O'Reilly, Walters etc, you got to think things through. Good luck to you.

White Ford Falcon said...

Hmmm... how can I get me some more of that middle class cash... oh, I know, I'll call it being patriotic!


TomH said...

Ugh is right - about many of these comments. Nice to know that the best the left can do to criticize you is to call you names like "stupid twat." My 5-year-old nephew has more maturity than the liberal bullies posting in this thread.

I will say that Obama doesn't necessarily have to comment on what Letterman says. But I wish he would, because that would take time away from his taxing our country into total poverty, disarming us and leaving us open for attack, and insulting our country and consorting with our enemies.

I do agree that Obama should be more honest about what he thinks. But he won't because if the American people saw the truth of who he is, they would run away screaming.

S.E., I saw your appearance on O'Reilly tonight. You were 100% right! So I came online and found your blog. I'll be reading regularly from now on. You ROCK! :)