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Monday, July 27, 2009

Iraq War Reckless? Not Next to Obamacare

I have a new piece up on Newsmax today:

"Obama's Rush of Healthcare Plan Reckless"

"Unlike our men and women in uniform, who are volunteers, we have all been effectively drafted in the war that is universal healthcare. And make no mistake — this will cost lives. With all that’s at stake, it would seem reasonable to approach such a major overhaul of what many consider the best healthcare system in the world, with a modicum of patience, with responsibility, and with the kind of equanimity that can reassure an anxious public in times of upheaval. Strange though it may seem, a careful look back at the Iraq war might prove beneficial to Obama as he eyes an arbitrary finish line in his reckless race toward universal healthcare."


Adderall Apocalypse said...

oh yeah. "successful campaign in Afghanistan." congrats on us for defeating a country with no military and installing a puppet to run things with a constitution written on a McDonald's napkin. great work. and The Iraq war. yeah. had so much to do with 11/9. so important for our "national security." definitely no fear-mongering by anyone back then. sure glad we got those wmds out of there. sure glad we had a plan to keep everything from going to hell once we were done with Saddam. sure glad we brought Mr. Laden to justice... oh, wait.

...no, I remember now: "fighting them over there, so we won't have to fight them over here"... but how were they going to get here from there? buy a plane ticket!?

do you really think that more people would have died had we not invaded than the number that died because we did? I'm skeptical of that.

oh. the troops are "volunteers." good one. ever heard of "stop-loss"? ever spoken to a soldier who had a negative experience in the military? who didn't agree with your opinion of it or the wars?

Like I was saying, I think that History will be competent enough to judge the Bush and Obama administrations each on their own merits independently from one another, thank you very much!

"what many consider"... ever heard of weasel words? we certainly spend the most money on health care, but "many others" (the WHO, for example) don't consider ours to be the best healthcare system in the world.

I agree that the senate, being a deliberative body, should actually deliberate on this stuff, but you do realize that the Repugs don't actually have a plan, right?

you make me >_<
but I like it...

dick said...

What an amazingly stupid, insensitive comparison. It's an insult to our military. Why even read an article with a heading like that? What was your grade point average at Cornell, you Burberry wearing clod? My God, how can thinking people on the the right not be ashamed of your shoddy thinking and wiseacre pretentions My guess is they are.

You want so bad to grab the big Coulter, Hanity, Limbaugh bucks but you don't have the talent.

It's actually very funny and would make a good movie comedy. Quarter-life idiot "conservative jounrnalist" wannabe with her powder puff and her inablity to think or even raise a dust cloud.

Pathetic chick, is what you are, you anti-old-school feminist gal, you.. One imagines you spending a lot of time crying.

You can call this a personal attack. It is. But it's engendered by your second rate ideas and lack of writing gifts. "And make no mistake -- this will cost lives." Like war?? You thoughtless twit. Go tell it to an Iraq vet amputee.

tbgdevil said...

dick: What an incredible rant! You can practically feel the emotions reverberating off of your keyboard. Did you happen to read the article? Or were you too put off by the title?

The focus of the piece was to show how much deliberation and thought went into the ultimate decision to invade. You know - the type of deliberation that is being foregone in order to save the US healthcare system by next week!!

Let me guess, you're the type of guy who launches into a tizzy every time you read an article about how events are currently unfolding in Iraq. Gates thinks things are going well? Nonsense! President Obama acknowledges the success of the 'surge' that he opposed? Blasphemy! All that good news must make your head spin! Or do you perceive it as bad news?

I know, I know... All we did was replace one dictator with another. And all we did was strengthen the Iranians. And the war was just for oil. And we have not discovered 'smoking gun' proof that Saddam had WMD - in a region bigger than Texas that had months to prepare to export or conceal them. All of these things must make you feel smugly comfortable while you argue at the dinner table about the issue.

Eventually though, historians will re-cap the lead to the war in detail. They'll observe that every western intel agency thought Saddam had WMD too. That Saddam at one point had them, and used them -in the past. That the invasion was nothing more than the physical manifestation of a US policy of 'regime change' in Iraq, endorsed by Bill Clinton. Policy analysts will opine that that Joe Biden's 'three-Iraq' solution would have led to unmitigated disaster in the region. At that point, you're going to be less popular at the dinner table. I'm just trying to warn you.

Adderall Apocalypse said...

hey, tbgdevil! Did you read my comment!? ha...

Do you really know anything about what investigated journalists have already discovered about the intelligence in the lead-up to the war!? The administration had to use illegal tactics to attempt to establish a link between Iraq and Al-Qaeda. They "cooked" the intelligence [ok, it's huffpost... where's your information that exonerates the Bush administration?] to make it seem certain that Saddam had WMDs when it really wasn't... there will come a point at which you won't be able to ignore the facts. Was your comment really the best rebuttal you have?

I don't mind discussing these issues, but before that happens, we all need to discard arguments and lines of thought that have already been discredited and/or debunked!

dick said...


My post was not about the war in Iraq. My post was not about Obama's healthcare plan. My post was about an inflammatory half-assed blog headline that attempts to conflate the two. You're right. I did not read the article because the headline and redaction were so stupidly incendiary. Yellow journalism lives in the person of SE Cupp!

As Thatcher derisively said about Kane, "He thinks it might be FUN to run a newspaper!". That's what this chick reminds me off. She's so completely out of her depth. And I call her a chick because she is so dismissive of the feminists who came before her, that we might as well give this entitled Cornell grad a taste of the dark ages. Who even knows if she reads these posts, tbough. The more I think about it, she, the blog, the whole thing is a colossal waste of time.

The surge was a PR stunt, and sitll is. As another movie character, by a less talentend screenwriter said, Americans "can;t handle the truth", so yeah the surge was a big success, blah, blah, blan so now we can get the hell out of there. Excpet 29 oeople got blown up outside of Bagdad today alone.

I think I'll be just as popular as I ever was at the dinner table. Don't worry your head about me., though your concern is very kind.

Be worried about the long term historical record of Flyboy Bush. I wouldn't want to be at the Kernebunkport dinner table in the coming years.

And as for Birdshot Cheney -- uh-oh, regarding the verdict of history. But he's above history so....

For the record, I was opposed to the Iraq War -- a textbook example of pissin on a wasps nest -- but then felt it had to be won once we'd gone in and dodged all those flowers they greeted us with.

Anonymous said...

I did not read the article...as a matter of fact I did not read Obongos health bill. Why? because I am a Democrat, Democrats don't read anything, they just vote no if its a Repubs bill and aye if its a Demo bill. Obongo is fucking up this country and I as a Demo don't care.

Emmett Kelly said...

Anonymous' post was the work of a stupid shit. What is he/she talking about? As I always tell SE, don't try to be funny if you have no talent for it.

Adderall Apocalypse said...

ZOMG, Emmett! You know S.E.!? Think you could introduce us!? lol j/k...

the dominator said...

hey there adderall apocalypse!
more brilliant trash as usual!
i love how you trash the whole afghanistan thing proclaiming they had no military. i would bet you all the tea in china that the service men and women serving over there would disagree with your assesment completely.
not much of a traditionaly organized military but one that has proven itself pretty tough and resilient. i suspect you are a pacifist like a member of code pink. the u.s. never has a right to respond militarily when attacked. the war in afghanistan is completely justified and i support it 100%
go read some more noam chomsky or george soros. watch another michael moore film too while you are at it. that man is great at 'documetaries' the fact of your existence is proof that anal conception is not a myth after all.

Adderall Apocalypse said...

dominator: Thanks for the ad hominem there at the end. Thanks for the irrelevant assumptions.

What do you mean by "as usual." Are you familiar with my work? Thanks for mischaracterizing my argument. Couldn't have asked for a better performance. I'm not saying it wasn't dangerous for the individual soldiers! Quite the opposite! I'm saying there was a low risk that our military was going to lose to their military.

What does code pink have to do with anything? Why would you assume that I'm a pacifist? What does that matter in this case? It's completely irrelevant. I never said that our action in Afghanistan wasn't justified. I was simply saying that it was completely expected that we would defeat them. Nobody was surprised by that. I am in no way denigrating the service of our men and women in uniform. Have I made myself clear?

e kelly said...


Read SE's penetrating article about burkhas in France. She ate a few oysters at L e Petit Zinc when her mommy and daddy took her to Paris as a child tourist and that's about all she knows about France. I bring it up beause she knows so little about the subjects she writes on. Why would you want to know such an a vaporhead?

Watch her Youtube video where she powders her nose. Yeeeesh.

Adderall Apocalypse said...

EK: Would you happen to have a link to this video? I would be interested to see it.

Adderall Apocalypse said...

nevermind. I saw it. *gag* I also re-read the Burqa article. Yeah, totally penetrative... anyway... [inserts shameless plug for my own blog here] thanks. I had fun.

Anonymous said...

Emmet Kelly, A good name for a clown.
Great artcle S E. Seems when the truth is spoken Demos can only react by their derogatory expressions. They have no sound argument to truths.
Example; Obams health farce will bankrupt this country. Demos reply; Bush failed to take a physical exam when in the civil war 150 years ago. or...I gaged when I saw SE powder her nose.
Demos are adept at nothing.

Emmet Kelly said...

Anonymous -- Emmett Kelly is a good name for a clown? What gave you that idea? Hmm. Are you sure?

You jest, you jester! Bush wasn't in the civil war! Oh, you wag, you!

Actually, it was the Vietnam War Bush wasn't in. He was in the officers club at Beanfart Air Force Base in Texas or Alabama or whereever. Cheney, meanwhile, toughie that he is against America's enemas, had "other priorities". You brought this up, I didn't. Sorry your heros are cowards.

Anyhow, like I tell SE. don't try to be funny or ironic if you have zero talent for it.

As for SE and her powder puff, what is there to say really? Actually...SE Cupp...that's a good name for a clown.

tbgdevil said...

Emmet doesn't think SE is funny... She also does not like it when people speak about France because only she knows things about France.

Anonymous said...

“Bush wasn’t in the Vietnam war. And I know another president that wasn’t in the Vietnam war. One sat in a club and one was a draft dodger protected by a few demo senators. But…what the fuck does that have to do with Obamo ripping the shit out of this country? Yes Emmet (a clown), This president of yours has lost the will of the people. Why? Because he doesn’t listen to the people he tries to shove crap down their throats. He's a gross liar. He thinks he’s back on the streets of Chicago. He thinks he still directing Acorns hapless idiots that say yes sa yes sa. The majority of the people in this country know a schill when they see one. His popularity has slipped below 50% lower then Bushes at the same time of their start ups. Pelosi is lower then Chaney,,,, The whole friggin congress is lower then Bush was at his worst. I think you’re having trouble with the war in Iraq because you’re led to believe Bush lied. If Bush lied so did 80% of the congress before Bush even became president. I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll put my life savings in a bag and I’ll hide it and you try to find it…if you find it you can keep it (land and all.) You just have to give me 18 months that’s all I ask. Its only fare eh?
P>S> There is no documented evidence that Bush or Chaney lied. If you don't believe me ask Coyors or Henry (pig man) Earwax,or Patty Lay-he. I'm still waiting for the big inditments we were promised.