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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama's Sketchy Health Care Numbers

I have a new piece up in the Fox Forum:

"Don't Be Fooled By Obama's Health Care Numbers"

"When the numbers are crunched, it turns out that only 11 million legal American citizens who would like health insurance don't have it, not the 45 million often quoted. That's less than 4% of the country. Now, it's important that we get health care to those 4%, of course. But is it really necessary to rip apart the health care system we currently have to do it?"



jayteemo said...

While I don't disagree, I think arguing the numbers (price, population, etc) of the plan misses the point. The argument that needs to be made is the fact that the federal government is not constitutionally enabled to take on such a venture. Additionally, the freedom/liberty aspect is also very effective. You can't claim health care as a right if you are not fully responsible for it. When another person is made responsible for your health care, the other person's rights have been infringed upon.

dr. roberts said...

Back when she was getting her "elitist" education at Cornell, Cupp, perhaps not happily, learned the basic tenets of Western civilization, ideas that allow her now to deign that 4% of the population is entitled to dignity and medical care. Go to the head of the class.

Brittanicus said...

It tends to make a lot of good people despondent and at the least susceptible, when they read, watch and listen to the maverick storm of media ads, thumping down President Obama's health care initiative? Much of the rambling artifacts are the Simon and Lois ads of the Clinton administration, heavily armed against any revisions in this issue that wealthy insurance companies and subsidiaries won’t tolerate.

They insulted the senior citizens with their propaganda and bald faced lies about the European government run health care system. Being originally an Englishman myself, I guarantee in the 1960's, we had a unique form of medical services, inclusive of eye and teeth. Even government run medical care in Australia was exceptional. It did plummet down somewhat, when business starting recruiting foreign labor from the commonwealth and Northern Europe. Many were out for a free financial ride and got it, along with their large families that British citizens have to support with their limited pounds sterling.

Just as the anti-governmental health care extremists have been pounding the airwaves, the open border, globalist is now subjecting the American people to a torrent of inflaming immigration polls. But like all polls they can be intentional manipulated, in exactly how the questions are worded? Sure they can keep their co-pays, deductibles and pre-existing small-print clauses, squeezing every penny from a hurting economy, but tell the--BLOODY TRUTH!

It's a sad fact that you cannot trust the Liberal slant regarding this searing problem, although not all Liberals are favorable to another AMNESTY? The Democratic leadership, hiding liberal views behind closed drapes tried to annihilate any good, workable illegal immigration enforcement laws. In an earlier session of the Senate an error was made with E-Verify, so it's was fortunate to survive Sen. Reid and Pelosi’s notion? Anything that has an impact on removing illegal immigrants is intercepted by business oriented free traders.

GOOGLE---illegal immigration--to find out their sinister intention, to just throw open the gates, ports and airline entrances to cheap labor, that also become the downfall of the European Union. the polling I have seen has been calculatedly --ENGINEERED--to get results, that they can brandish around, declaring the majority of Americans believe in a path to citizenship and open borders? Already the Democrats are ready to flag the Save Act, 287(g) local police enforcement to weaken these laws.

Currently both issues have heavy fallout, and you the voter should let your Senator or Representative know your opinion on either matter at 202-224-3121---BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. Both have massive consequences in costs and quality of life in your future and generations to come.WE MUST SAY NO AMNESTY! SEAL OUR BORDERS AND NO MORE FREEBIES TO ILLEGAL ALIENS. THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS, NOT AMERICANS WHO SACRIFICE TAXES? GOOGLE--NUMBERSUSA for details our government and the media have a nefarious talent, for keeping facts under wraps?

Anonymous said...

How can Obama blame the failures of his plan on the republicans? Its his party that owns the executive, house and senate by a overwhelming 2 thirds majority. It seems to me if its such a great deal for the masses it would fly through tomorrow let alone two weeks from now. Also I think I have figured out why he doesn’t want anyone going back to work….The more unemployed ,the more without health care insurance . It adds to the flavor.
I wonder how many would purchase health insurance from a salesman who sat in their living room and wasn’t able to tell you what their companies plan entailed.

Bill Corish said...

Thanks S.E. As our nation's leaders ponder the next step down into the socialist morass, I am encouraged to see at least one journalist note the fact that many Americans choose not to purchase health insurance. I support the right of people to buy insurance, but my wife and I view it as essentially a bet on failure. I believe that most insurance purchases are rooted in the love of money and a lack of faith in God. Government-mandated insurance is the same thing, writ large. Some poor Americans will gain a temporary benefit from time to time, but socialized medicine will worsen the health care opportunities for most of us. Worse yet, our sense of responsibility for self, family and community will be further eroded.


Bill Corish
Linden, Virginia

Doc Mengele said...

Corish is right. Some poor Americans may get benefits from government health care from time to time -- a leg not amputated here or there, some kid may not expire in the emergency room while they try to sort out who's a paying for his head shot care -- stuff like that. But that's chump change in comparison to the descent into the morass of socialism.

If Jesus was around today, He wouldn't be spouting off any Sermon on the Mount, I can tell you that. He'd be waning us of the dangers of the descent into the morass of socialism. If He could even find time! He'd no doubt be working hard hours with his (earthly) father in the family carpentry business, just to afford a computer to blog about the dangers of the descent into the morass of socialism. He'd be danged alarmed to to read that the President has no want to tax middle class guys like himself -- carpenters, plumbers, athletic coaches to pay for health care -- but thaat the Pres. would countenance a surcharge on rich men like Limbaugh and Murdoch. This would upset Jesus no end. He might realize that fat rich guys not only wouldn't fit through the eye of a needle, but they would be eating and cigar-smoking themselves into a personal and very expensive health care crisis. While some might feel that couldn't happen soon enough, Jesus would have more compassion.

In essence, He would know, like Morass Corish, that in the end it's all about responsibility for the self -- the self, self, self, self.

God Bless America.

Margaret Ledergerber said...

S.E. Cupp, Please provide the facts on how you got the the 11 milliion number of uninsured Americans. I'd love for you to hit this article out of the ball park with factual proof undercutting why anyone should believe Barrack Obama anymore. Also, would Fox News be so kind as to make it the front page story at the top left of the page then shout it out via television. Bring integrity & honesty back to journalism don't just play ball like Obama, Biden & Pelosi. Go for the win!

Lord said...


Hold your greedy little fist tight and do not pay taxes. Americans should be able to make it on their own or drown.

Anonymous said...

The Obama Administration plans to spin all the numbers to get more support for health care reform and most Americans are not falling for it.

This shall be proof. Congressman Russ Carnahan of Missouri was jeered and laughed at by the entire crowd at a town hall meeting when he assured the crowd that health care reform would create a surplus.


When was the last time a government program saved money?? NEVER!

Bill Corish said...

In response to the good doctor, I did not write that some poor Americans "may" benefit from socialized medicine. I expressed certitude. For that matter, a few rich Americans will also benefit. Formulaic wealth redistribution can be relied upon to benefit some of the people, some of the time. But that does not necessarily make it a wise thing to do. Expanding on my initial post:
- The first concern I touched on is my opinion that such programs are a serious burden upon our nation's prosperity. It is this prosperity which has enabled American leadership in the development and deployment of life-saving treatments, medicines and equipment. It is this prosperity which has enabled American leadership in educating health scientists and medical professionals, both our own and those working in other countries. It is this prosperity which has enabled America to defend other free nations and the global commerce amongst us, which has helped them to prosper and contribute to medical advancement. Further erosion of this prosperity will hurt health care for the vast majority of all human beings, regardless of nationality or financial condition.
- My other, larger, concern is the impediment such programs can be to spiritual growth. Throughout the ministry of his mortal life, Jesus made clear that charity comes from the heart; listening to God and boldly moving forward in accordance with His will. Indeed, this moral truth is interwoven through Scripture from Genesis forward. In Leviticus and Deuteronomy, landowners are instructed to make allowance for the poor and helpless to glean from their fields. The Book of Acts makes clear that the first Christian church groups benefitted from material things freely provided by wealthy members. But I see nothing in the Bible implying believers should pool their funds in broad, nationwide welfare programs (even those masquerading as "insurance"). Indeed, God cautions us against investing in human systems because they can so easily grow to distract us from him and sap resources we can devote to his purposes. At times God asks people to give money to help heal a sick person, but not always. Instead, God may ask a person to give their money to an evangelist spreading the Word at home or abroad. Or to the homeless person who asks for it. Or perhaps to a political action group or legal defense fund. Or yes, he may ask a person to keep the money for their self or their family. My point is, the more the accumulation of personal wealth is dis-incentivized, demonized and restricted, and what remains must be given to others through taxes or insurance mandates, the less is available for genuine charity. Also, I suspect people who support these programs, knowing they will only be one of the multitude who are forced to participate, experience an unhealthy sort of "leveraged righteousness" in their minds.

As for Doc Mengele's reference to the "eye of the needle", I do not interpret the Gospel accounts as divine disapproval of any particular rich person, fat or lean, liberal or conservative. Or rich people in general. Rather, it is a statement that even the blessed rich can not buy their way to salvation. (Read the disciples' reaction in Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:26 and Luke 10:26.) Elsewhere in the Bible it is shown that wealth is a gift from God. How each person invests their wealth is what God looks upon. I happen to believe health insurance mandates impoverish the poor's ability to be charitable at least as much as for the rich. The next believer who finds him or herself in the position of the widow in Mark 12:42-44 may not have anything left to give.