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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reader Help

What is it About Palin?

I'm writing a new column, and want your help. I want to know what it is about Sarah Palin that you think her supporters find appealing. (Feel free to weigh in if you are not a supporter yourself, but if your response is nasty it will be totally disregarded.) Here are your choices:

1. She's authentic, believable, and sincere. She is who she purports to be.

2. She's a woman, and we need more of those in politics.

3. She's a pro-life, pro-marriage Christian.

4. She's a good conservative -- she cuts taxes, favors limited government and advocates fiscal responsibility.

5. She's new, young, and a breath of fresh air. Out with the old guard, in with the new.

6. Other: __________________________________________

I won't be using any of your names, but I do want to know how old you are. So please respond with your choice and your age in the comment section. Thank you!



Michael Benner said...

I think it is a mixture of above. Most important for me is choices 1, 4 and 5. I really think it is time for a changing of the guard in politics as a whole and she is one of the people I think can help bring that change. I am a 33 year old male.

Toddrod said...

In some regards, she causes the left some problems because she is a woman. I feel the left attacks her because they see she can easily become a substantial force for the Republicans. She could become the next "Hillary" for the GOP if she tries.

Greg said...

4. what a conservative should be. Plus a bit of all the rest.

44, male.

Anonymous said...

For me 1, 4, and definitely 5. The Republican party really needs a breath of fresh air these days. I'm a 21 year old.

Bill M. said...

S.E., It's really 1-6 all put together! I was EXCITED when she was announced on the ticket, and I like that she has TACT as well as COMMON SENSE, not to mention DRIVE and AMBITION!

Bill M.
Dallas, TX

Kimberly Haney said...

I believe as the first poster, but if I had to pick only ONE, it would be #1. She makes no excuses for who she is and what she stands for. She offers no blame and accepts responsibility for her successes and her mistakes. That's what I love about her. She has been handed some hard knocks, ie...teenage pregnancy & special needs child. I relate to her for her REAL LIFE experience and her willingness to "forge ahead". I am a 49 Year old female.

PaulDPearl said...

As a supporter of hers myself, I would pick 5.

Every attack against her just makes me like her even more. If these people fear and hate her so much, both Republican insiders and Democrats (all dems are "insiders" ;) then there's something special there...

Plus she's totally hot!

I am a 32 year old Male from Minnesota. ((God protect us from Stewart Smally the Senator...))

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting what Vanity Fair,as a frequent reader of the magazine,I believe all the woman should raise cane with the editor-in-chief on this issue.
One question that should be looked into did the journalist really go to Alaska phyciscally or did he do his interviews by phone. Frankly made a legimate point of pointing the sexiest part of this article. Why should Gov Sarah get demeaning treatment in the press and entertainment media. I believe there are some legimate grounds for a liebal/slander suit against several media corporations who enable this unethical behavior.

Russ. Just Russ. said...

All of the above, though only slightly so on #5 - it smacks too much of change for change's sake which, as a dyed in the wool conservative, goes against my general principles. However, the current "old guard" of the GOP is basically useless, and needs to be supplanted by a new generation of leaders like Palin and/or Jindal.

47, male.

jayteemo said...

#1 and #4.

I've liked her even more post-election, since she isn't being handled by the McCain campaign. The media attention she received during the campaign wasn't favorable either. That will be a tough battle ,for her, to get beyond how she was portrayed.


Jenny said...

#1, 4, and 5.
I'm 26 female.
Finally a conservative with bite. The republican party is lacking balls and are not conservative. Every time I hear one of these republicans "criticize" a democrat, they always start saying something positive and then slightly give a jab to the liberal.
Palin goes for the knockout while keeping a smile on her face.
Finally a politician, that actually does as she says, cuts taxes, attracts businesses to her state, supports drilling and energy independence, and she actually lives her life as a conservative.

thobert said...

she is comming up the right way.. she hasn't ever said, "i've wanted to be president since i was 9." she wants to serve and make things better for Alaska. If she can to that for America she will consider it. I don't feel it's an Ego thing for her or somehow she is entitled.

Chris Jones said...

For me, it's all of the choices you list. Obviously, we can never know for sure if a person is who they appear to be, but I get the impression the Sarah Palin we see is the real Sarah Palin.

Also, anyone who makes the left as apoplectic as Sarah Palin does -- must be doing something right.

Feel free to use my name or not.

Anonymous said...

JOE- 28, SYRACUSE, NY- Palin does not back down and sticks to her guns. She is pro-life, and pro-christian marriage, which makes her an easy target from the disgusting, snake in the grass liberals. She is a woman with morals, values, and educated....something Liberals hate. Palin isn't afraid to show emotion, and doesn't back down to anyone. There is nothing worse than someone who cannot think for themselves, like the current celebrity in chief.

Anonymous said...

Colleen Wanglund, 40
She is a Regan-conservative, she's a mom, and she's a regular person. She doesn't come off as being "entitled" or elitist. As a mother and a conservative, I can completely relate to her.

Todd Tarson said...

Authentic is the correct word in my eyes. I say that because no matter what anyone else, especially the critics, say about her she continues to speak directly to me. I hear her clearly even through all the media distortion.

She also could be anyone of us, regardless of ideology, in that she is not the career politician/attorney Ivy League educated type. In that way she reminds me of Ronald Reagan, he communicated brilliantly without that all too familiar sort of political background (that is clearly failing us in leadership).

And yes, to this 38 male, it doesn't hurt that she is easy on the eyes... but she has proved on the issues important to me to be even easier on the ears and that is far more important.

I believe the conservative movement could use another Reagan and she is by far and away the closest to that on the popular political stage at this time.

Jeffrey Priest said...

Jeffrey Priest 43

I have to go with number One and Four.

Josh Jaskolka said...

Sarah Palin to the Conservatives is exactly what President Obama is to the Liberals. She's young, smart, something new, she stands for her beliefs, she's a pro-life Christian like most of her supporters. She's not some person like Mccain that's filthy rich and has multiple homes and cars all over the world. So the middle class can definately vibe ... Read Morewith her. She's a decent public speakers and has that personality that can reach an audience or people in general. She has the real everyday family that has the same problems as everyday families. I'm sure the females love her a lot more because she is a female, and a majority of guys may like her more because she is an attractive female. Those I believe are a good amount of reasons that many people support her.

Anonymous said...

I wrote about what qualities the big government wing of the GOP fears about her here - http://tinyurl.com/ma7wof - It is all that you said plus two other factors. Palin's record shows that she walks the walk. It seems that most in the GOP just talk the talk. One also cannot underestimate the value of being so good looking in politics. I hate to say it but looks matter a great deal.

Chuck Norton

RightwingSparkle said...

Kathleen McKinley 48

Sorry this is kind of long. It's a post I did at Rightwingsparkle in Sept. O8 http://rightwingsparkle.blogspot.com/2009/07/we-can-have-real-healthcare-reform.html

In the 70's I thought of myself as a feminist. I believed that women were as capable as men in education, work, and in sports. To me it was about self confidence. It was about not letting anyone tell you that you couldn't achieve what you wanted to achieve. It was about independence and self reliance.

In the 80's I realized that the feminist movement had moved beyond those things into the man hating, abortion loving, radical movement that it is today. Feminists lost women like myself and apparently women like Sarah Palin, long ago.

What many women like me love about Palin is that she represents not only what we believe to be true about the equality of women, but also the gift of being a woman. We know that it isn't the same as being a man. We know that there are different gifts. And the most wonderful gift we are given as women, as opposed to men, is the gift of carrying our children within us and giving birth. We love this essential part of our being. We love the men who share our life and help us created these incredible wonderful creatures we call our children.

Feminism seemed to reject that and that is why we rejected it. Growing into womanhood in the 70's and 80's, we were strong independent women who also believed in a strong and loving God. We believed in the sacrament of marriage and the miracle of birth. We weren't the subservient housewives of the 50's, but we certainly weren't the bra burners of the 70's. Like Sarah, we were athletes who competed with the best of them, and never admitted defeat. We were students who excelled as well as the boys in our classes. We were the girlfriends who didn't let the boys take advantage of us. We were the ones who worked hard, but never let work consume us. We were the mothers who saw our children as the greatest of gifts.

We could no longer call ourselves feminists because we saw the advocating of abortion as the horror for what it is. We didn't see men as patriarchal, but as partners in life. We saw ourselves as independent, but understood that marriage was a shared experience. We saw ourselves as strong, but understood our need for God. We embraced our faith and our strength together.

This is why women like me connect so deeply with Sarah Palin. She stood up to the good 'ole boy network in Alaska, but as she did it, she never forgot that family and children were the most important thing and that faith was what she would rely on to get there.

Sarah Palin believes in the things I believe in. She fights for the things I fight for. She is strong and she celebrates being a wife and a mother. She knows the heartache that comes with life and she still stands up and gets back to work. She seems to view her life, full of love, family, work, and the kind of problems we all face, as the gift that it is. Our lives are wonderful and messy and we love it. And that is why we love her.

For me and for so many women, she is our voice.

Anonymous said...

# 1 - Male age 46

Anonymous said...

She practice's what she preaches. How many time have we heard people (like Michael Moore) say a politician supports a war, but they would never send their child to war. Well her son is in Iraq. The same people might say a politician is pro life until they find out their baby might have a problem. Well she knew her son would be born with down syndrome, yet she decided at age 44 to have her baby. She is also really funny!

Lady Cincinnatus said...

She's both real and American and a real American. When Sarah Palin steps off the plane in Bosnia or any other crack-pot, third world dictatorship, she won't be "running across a tarmac to avoid sniper fire." She'll be handling her own weapon. Just like any red-blooded American woman should be. In addition, she might relate more to those pioneer women who crossed from sea to shining sea, caring for their children and families along the way. Why do we even have to explain her appeal? It should be "self-evident". Heh. :) ~Kelly, 36

Anonymous said...

She is all of those things and better, because she scares the heck out of the dems. I use to believe that when we did something the Russians didn't like, it had to be good. She is the same way. All she needs is more experience and she will kill them in 2012.


timgsweet said...

I like the fact she has Executive experience,clearly Premier Obama does not.She also was not afraid to take on her own party in her home state,and clan house.i respect that.

Erich said...

She is a combination of 3 and 4. You must have sound economic policies and morality in order to prosper. A country that lacks morality will destroy itself from the inside regardless of low taxes. Sarah's philosophy combines both. This is why I like her.

Jose Peralta, 41 said...

I think it's a combination of all those things you mentioned. Couple that with the fact that she was long overdue. Never in the history of our country has a conservative woman taken the political world by storm the way Sarah Palin has. And the fact that she is just like the woman next door makes her appeal even more fascinating. Triple that with the fact that the left has tried everything in their power to destroy her and have come up empty. Many on the left view her as a threat which adds even more to her mystique. She's an impressive figure. The fact that she's all those things you mentioned and she's attractive to boot, make many on the left a little uneasy. Go Sarah!

JaqobJackson said...

I just turned 24 :)

Its a combination of 3 & 4.

The huge majority of the GOP and the rest of the USA can get behind her since she is pro-life and pro-traditional marriage.

But she also is promoting solutions to the ENERGY PROBLEM with her building that huge pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states.

She is too right on so many issues for people to disqualify her as a nominee they would vote for.

**NOTE: Palin has backtracked on abortion some to appeal to the broader national voting public having backed off from opposing abortion for rape and incest which she had clearly affirmed in the past. This is tragic, but hopefully in the future Palin can explain concisely and quickly enough to the American people why it is ABSOLUTELY WRONG to violently kill an innocent and defenseless baby boy or girl simply because one of their parents committed one violent crime.

James Pavlick said...

It is all of the above except for #2 (gender/race/religion should be irrelevent, neither favoring nor disfavoring anyone), but especially #1.

I supported Mitt Romney in the primary because I believed he was the most conservative. Politicians say many things. Mitt SAYS that he is pro-life and pro-gun. I take him at his word and believe him.

Sarah doesn't need to SAY anything. She does not need to tell me that she is pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, etc. I only need to look at her personal lifestyle. Policians SAY they are anti-corruption. Sarah has a history of weeding it out. Politicaans say they will take on the established order. Sarah has a record of turning over the apple cart in Alaska politics. Her ACTIONS tell me all I need to know about her.

She is the sine qua none of authenticity. Her speech is not polished by political consultants, focus-grouped, and poll-tested. She speaks from her heart and lets the chips fall where they may.

She is unlike any politician. She does not speak for grass roots conservatism as much as she IS grass roots conservatism.

I would add to your choices that she reminds me of Reagan, and the fact that liberals so despise her only increases my affection for her.

Atlas Fiddled said...

6. I think many identify with her as a public victim of the same people that are victimizing the country in general. 33/male

thebookgirl said...

I think all but #2 are the best choices. I don't think it's the lack of women that are the problem as much as it is the KIND of women who are in the forefront now! Gov. Palin speaks the way most of us do - to the point and mean what we say. She is what she is, and the political wind and polls won't change that. The left is terrified of a woman who is actually liked by "real" people, loves her husband and kids, and does what she says. Don't think we'll have to worry about Sarah disappearing for a week to meet up w/ a boyfriend, or walking around in $200.00 sneakers tending to an organic garden for photo op!

Christine, age 29 (for the 13th time!)

Anonymous said...

I would go with #1, and #4. She's a real conservative who practices what she preaches and is authentic despite what liberals try to pin her as. I do think there were issues about her experience the first time around, but by 2012 I don't think that will be an issue.


thebookgirl said...

BTW, a tidbit that may be interesting for comparison is found at http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/Remarks-by-the-First-Lady-at-the-White-House-Garden-Harvest-Party/

As Michelle waxes organic at the media fest, kids are in unison chanting, "yes" "yes" "yes." I can see Sarah actually gardening with a group of kids and eating a veggie right from it...can't say the same for Michelle. Just saying....

Patrick S. Adams said...

4, 1 and 5 in that order.

I think she's the next Reagan.

Carlos said...

She's smart and funny, and she's pro-life, pro-gun, and anti-tax.

And a hell of a lot more worldly than Al Gore or John Kerry, who actually were Democrat nominees.

Age 47.

Anonymous said...


Solid conservatives are what the GOP needs.


bz said...

1, 3, 4, and 5.

Bob, 52

Sanjay Jindal said...

Her appeal to middle America may be singlehandedly based on the notion that she is not elitist and she seems like "one of us".

Angela said...

Angela, aged 29


All of them are reasons, but I think I have to go with #1. She is authentic. I also want to add in a reason 6: She is a fighter. We did not have that in McCain, when we saw her shackled by people like Nicolle Wallace, Steve Schmidt, and Charlie Black.

When I see her, I see someone who is what she is, says what she says and means it. That's a quality you don't see in people like Mitt Romney, or Mike Huckabee, who come off as oily and insincere.

That is why I like Governor Palin so much. She has the best of America, without all the worst that has come to define American politics.

Shane Vander Hart said...

#1 and #3-5. She's is a true Reagan conservative.

manajordan said...
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Anonymous said...

It is number 1 and 5 for me.

She can run circles around Biden and Lettermen all day long. What is not to love about that! The gal knows how to pick her battles, which will help her bright future in Washington.

Palin in 2012!

South Texas,female, 32

bestbud said...

Age 63/62... My wife and I, for the first time have become activist Conservative barbarians because of Sarah Palin, we have been mostly Republican leaning but vote Democratic sometimes.
We love all of the above about Gov. Palin, she is exactly as she presents herself, consistently a happy spirit with a heart of gold, as Honest as the day is long, like no other today she earned her stripes and values and honors those she serves with integrity.
An extraordinary STATES-PERSON!

Brian72 said...

All of the above, plus the fighter sentiment.
She takes the blade to the opponent with such charm and effectiveness.

While McCain and his people were running scared from the Hope'nChange express, she got in their heads, and it showed.
The financial collapse is what saved Obama.

Also, she sees that the Bush administration really screwed up PR wise when they did not respond to the character assassination, and they let it set in stone.

Sarah is not going to let people get away with the lies and attacks on her family.

On the policy side, it's all about the nexus between energy independence, economic liberty, and national security.
She gets that, and I think her instincts are right on the money about being able to live our lives better with much less intrusion from the DC Beltway Busybodies.

Palin/Cupp 2012!

terri said...

Boy where do i start!

If I have to pick one it would be #1.
She is who she is. She is not apologetic for it nor embaressed by it. She speaks plainly and from the heart. I believe she means what she says.
She believes in God, family...she loves her state and is not embaressed that she loooves our country. Being an "army mom"...i appreciate that she looves our military and everyone in it.
So why do i like Sarah Palin?..."Sarah Palin is me".
I am a 52 yo female...and wished i looked half as good as the Governor :).

Anonymous said...

She scares the HELL out of EVERYONE! She must doing something Right!

KellySC said...

one of the other things I like about her is that she is the happy warrior and I get the feeling that she is not in this for herself. My favorite quote from her was her comment at a Reagan dinner in Alaska where she said "If I die, politically speaking, I die... I will not sit down and shut up" (I may have flip floped the order but that was the jist). To me that sums up in a nutshell why so many people like her.

Rightmindedmom said...

Here's my opinion: Reasons #1,3,4,5 -- in that order.

Karin S. -- 48, mother, Christian conservative, admirerer of authentic people -- not fakes. Sarah Palin is REAL. She's the real deal folks.

KellySC said...
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KellySC said...

OK maybe I'll get it right this time, my first post (before the 8:10 post) didn't take. Of your multiple choice, I would say 1 and 4. I am 34

Guy P. said...

If I were to choose one, it would be #1. Gov. Palin strikes me as genuinely unpretentious. I also believe her detractors on the left are driven to near insanity by her unmistakable aura of satisfaction in her marriage and family life. This is a woman who is surrounded by love in all three of classical Greek terms: agape, phileo, and eros; and it shows. I believe few of her detractors understand how and why this makes her an extraordinarily powerful woman.

Anonymous said...

age, 48 female
I love sarah palin because she is strong on defense, recognizes until we have alternative energy sources we need to be energy independent and should be drilling for oil here, now. she has strong values, and morals. I see her as being an inspiration, and the voice of ordinarly tax paying Americans. She is a true hero for standing true to her convictions.

Guy P. said...

Failed to note my age previously: 49.

Brian Morgan said...

1, 3 and 4.
52yo male.

Denise said...

All of the above!
I am a 62 year old woman.

Anonymous said...

I like her because even though the conservatives should be bitter because we lost the election, it is the liberals who are bitter because of her. We are the ones who actually have the hope. Freaky Friday. I'm 30.

LadySam said...

All of the above especially 1,3,4.
Her life substantiates her words.
Female 65

Bob A. said...

I dont know what it is about Sarah that i find so appealing but i cant get enough of her. She is the only polition I have ever given money to and will continue to do so. I love how she can take all this abuse and still keep fighting with a smile. She lives her values. SARAH ROCKS!!! I live in Iowa and cant wait to work for her if she chooses to run. I am a 54 yr old male.

hecountedwrong said...

All of the statements about her you made are true and exemplify her strengths. I'd like to add a few more.

She rallied 70,000 people in Florida. Many of her rallies had to be moved from school gyms to larger facilities like NASCAR tracks because there were so many people.

She will constantly be underestimated because the bar has been set so low for her. Anyone who saw the recent interviews she did with Matt Lauer and Wolf Blitzer knows that she is rapidly becoming very comfortable discussing policy with the big boys.

She governs a state that is not highly populated, but one where she must deal with matters involving national defense, energy, and natural disasters more so than most other governors.

Any dirt that could have been dug up on her by the left has been dug up already. Nothing major was found and there is likely nothing else. Squeaky-clean.

She is not afraid to go after Obama and hold him and his policies accountable.

And most importantly:

Her popularity among INDEPENDENTS is on the rise. This is a group that everyone said she could not reach. According to Public Policy polls from April and June, her favorability rating among independents has risen from 38/51 to 44/42 over 2 months:



Please check out my blog at:


Robin said...
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Robin Hu said...

I'm a 34-year-old male, Chinese-American, former filmmaker(and former liberal).

For me, her appeal is that she is middle-class and self-made. She doesn't come from wealth nor is she part of any political legacy, so wasn't handed anything. She has worked for and earned her career. She is a member of the class and community she represents, understanding the trials and concerns of the majority of Americans. On top of that, her beliefs are her own and she has never let anyone tell her what her beliefs should be.

Anonymous said...

Babies, Guns, and Jesus ( a direct quote from Rush ), though I appreciate #5 as well.

Josh Painter said...

I've been researching Gov. Palin for a long time, and I know a lot about her.

Here's my thoughts, ranked by your categories...

1. Authenticity: People who meet her say most often that "She is one of us," and "She's the real deal." There's not enough of this among politicians.

4. She's a small-government conservative -- Like Reagan, she's fiscally responsible, holds to federalist principles, is a defense hawk, yet she's a pragmatist.

6. Other: Palin is a strong supporter of the second amendment. She's a hunter and a sportswoman. there are between 80 million and 100 million gun owners in this country. The NRA loves her, too.

3. She's a pro-life, pro-marriage person of faith: Although Palin is a socon, she's not a rabid one. Early in her admin., she vetoed a bill that would have prevented benefits to same sex couples because the AK Dept. of Law advised her that it was unconstitutional. But she supports traditional marriage. This is not a dichotomy. The woman has her priorities in order. She's also verymuch pro-Israel and a friend of the Jewish people.

2. She's a woman. But more importantly, she's a woman who didn't have to marry someone to get where she is on his coat tails. Sarah and Todd appear to be equal partners in the way they run their lives, raise their kids and pursue their ambitions. She supports his smow machine racing and works on his fishing boat. He helps raise the kids and is her closest advisor.

5. She's a breath of fresh air. She's one of a very promising crop of conservative young guns. Along with Bobby Jindal, Eric Cantor, Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, Mike Pence, Sarah Steelman and others, she can help fix the things the old guys have messed up and make the GOP relevant again.

Age 63

Erich said...

She is a combination of 3 and 4. You must have sound economic policies and morality in order to prosper. A country that lacks morality will destroy itself from the inside regardless of low taxes. Sarah's philosophy combines both. This is why I like her.
I am a 23 years old male.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that it is time for the regular guy (ahem, woman) to find their way back into politics.

Out with the lifetime politicians that owe each other votes and favors! In with real people that answer their call to civic duty and step into the political arena to try to make a difference... an improvement.

What happened to the spirit of our founding fathers? We simply cannot let their examplary actions fade into our distant past... the time has come for the working class folk to take back the reins.

Leevo4McCain said...

My name is Lee and I'm 22 year old male. The main thing that I find appealing about Palin is that she is authentic and who she seems to be.

She is a little green in some areas (and I don't mean environmentally) but she has some nice ideas and has a certain spunk about her that I like. She is a genuine, normal person. Someone people can relate to, similar to the way that people related to George W. Bush with his 2 elections.

manajordan said...

I would say all of the above. But, I think #1 is really important to me. I really value people being congruent with their beliefs and their words and also being genuine with other people. I also really like her fighting spirit. We need more people willing to stand up and fight no matter how much they get thrown at them.

33, Female

Anonymous said...


I'm not a big fan of Palin, but I think her biggest draw is that she seems to be a good conservative
(4). Many believe that she's a breath of fresh air, as far as politicians are concerned. I believe that we do indeed need more strong, capable, knowledgeable women in the politica arena (2), but I'm concerned about the sentiments of many people in our society that Palin simply does not exude the wisdom and quiet knowledge it takes to lead a nation. Her foreign policy knowledge and her grasp on things economical seem to be lacking. My one wish is that she'll fall back from the media limelight for a few years, spruce up on some of the finer points of the concerns I've expressed, and come back in '12 with all she stands to learn before then.

28, male, Vegas/Phoenix.

Good luck with your research.


Robert Vass said...

Sarah Palin is who she is, she's fresh, genuine, honest, forthright, un-afraid of the liberal media and willing to stand on principals..I pray she runs for POTUS in 2012..I'm a 54 year old white male from Kentucky..

Anonymous said...

4 - though I fear she'll never get far from Alaska due to the liberal hate machine

31, male

Anonymous said...

I am a 19 year old female from Michigan.

1,3,4, and 5. I love that Sarah Palin is a genuine conservative. Not only on policies but also socially. I honestly believe that if the Democratic party tried to dig up dirt about her (which I'm sure they've tried), they wouldn't find anything. She is a strong woman and an amazing wife and mother. I also appreciate her because she is not afraid to say she is pro-life and pro-Christian. It is important in America to stand up for what you believe in. Sarah Palin gives me courage to stand up and not be afraid to tell other people what I believe. We can't let the liberals run us into the ground. We have to stand up, be proud, and tell liberal America that we are conservatives and that will never change.

Good luck with your story! I can't wait to read it!

Amanda S said...

1 and 4 are the most important to me politically.

3 is nice on a personal level, and i think it runs into the argument for 1. she is who she is without apology. but i wouldn't mind too terribly if 1 and 4 applied without 3 being true.

2 and 5 are irrelevant to me. i don't care for quotas, be they gender, race or age based.

i'm 25. originally from TX, now in VA.

F. Scotty Key said...

She appeals to the nationalist fascist strain in American politics. This is a woman who told cheering throngs that only they, the "small town" or "regular americans", were "True" americans with "American values".

Let's not be melodramatic in calling this Hitlerism but it's got some kind of whiff of that. This is what commentators on the" right" either don't understand or pretend not to understand about the feelings of those on the "left" -- name your boogeyman: urban dwellers, Easterners, raciial minorities. They are offended and frightened by that kind of talk.

But there are a lot of resentful angry, mostly white, people living in the America. They hate the "elites". -- ie those who have more STUFF than they do. As if Rupert Murdoch was not elite. Anyway, Palin, this ambitious mediocrity appeals to them. They will always be part of our social fabric. There were rats in the hold of the Mayflower. They simply will never win in the end. The people who dreamed up our Constitution were too smart to let that happen. They were elite.

Robin said...

What exactly are you talking about F.Scott Key? I'm part of a racial minority and I come from a small town and I consider myself to be a regular American with traditional American values. One is not necessarily independent from the other. Only in a small mind can a small town traditional American not include minorities and those from other cultures. America is, after all, a melting pot. I'm of Chinese decsent and felt that Sarah Palin was in no way excluding me from her speech. I was not offended nor frightened by anything she said. Perhaps in your small ideological bubble those who are truly different don't exist and can't coexist, but it is not so elsewhere.

There is no "boogeyman" to me. I understand liberals. I used to be one. Urban dwellers do not frighten or bother me. I lived in NYC for ten years, went to NYU (not exactly a campus wanting for liberals), I even lived in Chelsea and loved it there. I fully understand the feelings of the left and it has nothing to do with fear. It has everything to do with the fact that liberals are the ones that truly don't want to understand those who are different. They have their preconceived notions of how things are and should be and look down their noses at those who see things differently.

And being "elite" has nothing to do with how much stuff or how much money you have. It is about an attitude of superiority. Elitists feel they are better and smarter than everyone else and those who do not share their views are ignorant and inferior. That is true "Hitlerism" as you put it.

I know exactly how the left feel and think because I use to be one of them. I saw myself as better, smarter, and superior to all those "ignorant Christans and rednecks" when I should have, as I do now, seen everyone as equal. No different, no worse, perhaps with different viewpoints and different backgrounds but not one whose true worth is more than another's. Different, but with equal right and equal promise and equal ability to think and reason. And that is why, now, I am a conservative and a dedicated Palin supporter.

F. "Scotty" Key said...

Robin, you feel so good, what's all the anger about?

It's all about those "liberals" isn't it. That convenient labeling. American needs a vital, smart Republican party. I don't tink we're going to get it. It doesn't need a President who excludes whole demographics from her definition of "American". She started that defining, excluding.

I stick by what I said. The framers of the Constitution were elite. They were of the Enlightenment. Sarah Palin is a middle-finger to that stage of Western history.

Here's how it works -- check out Iran -- call your intellectuals "elitists". From there, go on to "enemies of the state". I'm not going for hysteria here -- of course, it will never get to that. But we did have a bald-headed definer of true Americanism called McCarthy.

Can't we find someone better than this woman? She is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

I would say #2 and #3.
But as much as I like those two things about her, she is a little bit scatter-brained and not "polished" regarding her knowledge of history, the courts, culture and fiscal policy.
I hope someone is tutoring her on these crucial subjects.

I am a female Mexican-American, age 39, Ph.D. candidate in American History

Molly said...

"The liberal hate machine". You mean the biased TV camera that recorded her doing an interview while some guy ground up turkeys' butts in the background? She's hysterical! That's her appeal to me. So what if she can't grasp complicated concepts? Let's all get real populist on those "others". Her term in the White House would l be better than Beverly Hillbillys. She's so "herself" as one poster put it.

Lou said...

definitely 1,4,5. My take is that she is everything that Liberals fear, smart, classy, honest, conservative, and REAL. She is to liberals as sunlight is to vampires. She represents what a real conservative is, and and her morals, and her ethics are the backbone of our country. She can bring the country back to it's core principals and that just wont do for libs. They fear that she will awaken a real passion for conservative values, and that scares the hell out of them. I'm 53 years old, I remember Reagan and Sarah Palin makes me feel the same pride I had when Reagan was President, she's the only one that has done that, and that says alot!

Robin said...

F. Scott Key: I'm not angry at all. There was no part of my post that was angry nor written in anger. Perhaps you are projecting. I was merely pointing out that you are incorrect in your assessment of Palin, her supporters, and those of us she was speaking to and where your misguided POV of the situation probably stems from.

Daniel said...

A little of all of the above and not apologizing for it.

katrina said...

I think it's great she's scatterbrained as Anonhas pointed out. When dealking with world leaders, even tin-ppt Iranian mullah types, her mistakes and boners will make them laugh, defusing the tension. The more self-hating and passive aggressive among them will say, 'Hey, even I'm smarter than this silly goose." and be more likely to concede a point or two.

Who needs a President who reads books and knows stuff? Where has that gotten us? Palin in 2012! And Bristol as Ambassador to Cancun. That's a country, isn't it? Let's party, Party!

And hell no, don't apologize! For what? Having a daughter with an out of wedlock child? That is so Scarlet Letter. The Protestant vein in America has moved beyond that.

Anonymous said...

All of the above. I know it's the cheap answer, but Sarah Palin is a complete package. She is cut of the same cloth as Ronald Reagan, smart, likable, and articulate. I will vote for Sarah Palin in '12. God Bless America, this in our darkest hour.

I'm a 39y/o male.

todd said...

Anonymous male 39

This is not America's darkest hour. It's the darkest hour for people like you who would vote for someone who prizes her own ignorance, for cynics who hate nuance and patience and facts. You would like to spread your dark hour around to all by electing a vengeful mediocrity. You'll get your chance to vote for her and to fork over your hard earned cash to her career via donations. Her disgraceful abandonment of the governorship is doubtless the latest piece of cunning by this rodent. She's not intelligent but she has the tricky instincts of the crow and the rat.

thebookgirl said...


Until we know what the circumstances actually are, using a phrase like "disgraceful abandonment" is a bit much. I will admit that yesterday's events make me wonder if the unfair and definitely biased media attacking is too much for her. Someone seeking higher office better be ready for public opinion - so I will be curious if she gives more details. If she is unable to carry out her agenda because of constant "ethics violations" witch hunts, and taxpayer money is being flushed down the toilet, perhaps she does make a good case.

Robin said...

Palin played by the rules, and never got anything but grief from both her enemies and her "allies". Well, now I think she is going to play by a new set of rules, her rules.

If she is successful, then I think we will see change in this country. Real change this time. Change for the better. If she is successful then the era of the political machine will be over. The "political class" will go the way of the dinosaur.

Obama was never anything but the same old thing in a new package. He was always part of the political machine. He didn't bring change nor did he ever plan to. It was never anything but a slogan to him. He has done nothing but make that same old machine even bigger and more powerful. He made it even more daunting, towering farther above the heads of the American people.

Sarah Palin is the one who will truly work for change. I for one am ready for that change and I think the majority of Americans are ready as well. Having Sarah Palin standing with us, a better future is within our grasp. All we have to do is have the courage to reach for it.

Anonymous said...

She's a strong woman with common sense, but niave. Where the old entrenched politician lets the barbs and scathing press roll off their backs, Sarah is much like us. First she gave them the benefit of the doubt, then tried to shield her family and plow forward, and now she's saving her family before something destroys it. She's done exactly what Joe the Plumber would have done. 1-6 definitley! 45 yr old male.

Anonymous said...

She has the right ideas and authenticity America needs.

1 and 4 fit my beliefs. It is a shame America is thinning out the sincere, classy women of America.

21, woman

ruth said...

A selfish weasel. That's what you people revere. You feel she's "more like us". I hope to God that's not the case. In fact, I refuse to believe it. I bet most of you would not quit in the midst of your responsibilities, a job you asked to have.At least, not because you had your eye on some bigger prize. It takes a true narcissist. She's not done yet. She will make you rue the day you supported her.

Anonymous said...

I love everything about her. She is a real American with real problems just like everybody else. She doesn't pretend to be something she isn't like all other politicians and she has exposed her life to us warts and all. She is an authentic conservative that lives for her family, God, and Country. She is a real leader that makes the tough choices even if they aren't popular. I hope now that she is leaving Alaska she can come to the lower 48 and help conservatives all over our country get elected. If I could meet one person it would be her.

Male 36

Ken said...

I think Palin is a true conservative not a phony PC conservative.
I think Palin is a blend of all above mentioned.
I believe Palin is one in the future of the Rep party more needed like her.
I like her because she is not afraid to speak her mind and stick to what is right for America.

Male 50 from Canada

Anonymous said...

6)Other--Shes a bloody idiot, a right wing lunatic, gets her advice from a witch doctor, is a sickening opportunist, complains too much, is grossly under qualified for national office and now, on top of all that, is a quitter. And no, sorry hun, to you Sean and the prosecutor, this has nothing to do with the media going easier on Napolitano or Rahm Emanuel, this is part of an overall patter with Palin where she runs for cover when things get tough or she needs to move up the ladder. She quit six colleges pursuing a bachelors degree, she quit her job as mayor to run for governor, etc.

Plain will never win national office because too many people think shes a far right loo loo.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Im 35 year old white male from New York city. Go figure, I hate conservatives.

mv said...

I'm a 31 year-old single female conservative who lives inside the DC beltway. Based on that demo, I should hate Palin, but I don't.

I respect and admire Palin for all of the reasons you listed. I would add brave and courageous to the list. I have always loved the fact that Palin has the guts to stand up for what she believes is right and true. Not enough people have the balls to stand up for what they genuinely believe in. Palin knows that she will likely get thrown under the bus no matter what she does, but she still does what she believes is right. I respect that. I also love that Palin supports her family first above everything else. If society focused more on strengthening the family, we wouldn't waste so much time, energy, and money chasing our tails.

FatalOE said...

She's intelligent, articulate and promotes good conservative values - something McCain and Bush both lack.

Jim said...

....... and she's wholesome. I long for the days when some things were still left sacred and private.
And this 45 year old white male conservative from New York thinks that the person who posted as Anonymous, the 35 year old white male from New York who hates conservatives, is a condescending moron, who I'm sure feels smug about his post, but not so smug to be brave enough to put his own name on the post. Just remember, Anonymous, one day the person who might be responsible for saving your life might be a conservative, and I'm sure will save your life regardless of your political preference and prejudice.
You and your ilk are what's wrong with society today, not folks like Sarah Palin.

B.Wilmott14 said...

Governor Palin is so normal, so conservative, the media has to do something about her, so they paint her as being someone she's not. She's been parodied and labeled dumb and radical, with absolutely NO basis. Here we have an accomplished woman, a full-time governor and a hard-working mother yet she is treated like crap. If anything, this woman should be a role model, especially to women. It's so sad that so many women actually despise her for absolutely NO reason. Governor Sarah Palin adheres to principles that matter most in life and shares so much in common with mothers and their families. But, MSNBC did a good job at telling Americans a different story about her, one devoid of truth.

Despite this ever present liberal intolerance, Governor Sarah Palin has exhibited tremendous courage in not cracking under pressure and staying true to herself. I'm proud to stand with Governor Sarah Palin just as I stand with our Founding Fathers and President Ronald Reagan.

I am 18 years old.

Anonymous said...

I have a different but simple view on what it is about Sarah Palin. Sometimes in the coarse of human history, God puts into place a special person or persons for a special purpose, much like we view our founding fathers. Leadership is a gift, not fully understood by the followers or even the leader themselves. All we know is that something inside of you tells you that there is something truthful, good and right about them...and all they know is that they are being asked, more accurately called, to lead.
Our founding fathers,Lincoln,Reagan,Chuchill and yes Moses. Flawed, but called to lead and serve a greater purpose than they would ever choose for themselves. Sometimes the answer is just that simple.
Yes, I am a Christian, a conservative and 61 years old.

Anonymous said...

She has Executive Energy. I imagine when she enters a room, everybody starts to do what they should have been doing when she wasn't there.

I just quit my job as a heart doctor in the middle of an operations said...

It's so great you're wholesome. What is wholesome, you idiot? Hitler was wholesome to some. I mean, he didn't drink.That's wholesome. He was a vggetarian. That's wholesome isn't it? Teenagers in his family didn't get pregant that we know of. That's wholesome, isn't it? They say America has dumbed down. They don't know the half of it. You're right. Palin is the perfect prese. candidate for you retards and probably the perfect Pres for this degenrated, uneducated, fundamentalist nation. Elect somebody who quit her job! Give a raise to your elderly mother's nurse after she quits during her shift to take a differerent job. You LOSERS. You are incredibly funny. Bunch of clowns. The world laughs at you. Sarah Palin was made out of bull crap, fashioned from bull crap by the evangelical deity.

The Late Paul Harvey said...

I love it when some right wing stooge says that "liberals" or "leftists" are afraid of Palin. Like that's a big wow, a big discovery, and proof of these "liberals" seakness. Guess what -- of course they're scared of her! Anyone with a mind should be. We were scared of Hitler too and Goering and Himmler, and we were right to be scared. It would be nice to think America is too intelligent, too pure, to let that happen. BUt those days are over. So keep plugging, morons.


Anonymous said...

Well #5 is a good reason. I add that I like her combativeness and the fact that she can shoot a caribou with her children and then publish a photo of it all makes her endearing to guys like me. No silly notions of sensitivity with this gal. I'm 60 yrs

cletus said...

For me what makes Palin an interesting choice is we've never had a family of petty criminals in the White House. We've had some major Republican crooks, Nixon, Harding, but not little oxycontin stealing, gun running pukes. It will be interesting just as a change.

Plus I think it's nifty she can shoot a caribou. How does that qualify her for the Presidency? It doesn't.

I'm sixry and a red blooded American male.

Michael said...

I'm 22 years old and the WV chair of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. As someone active in politics and has been a candidate, I have to go with #5, because as far as I'm concerned, "old guard" stands for Democrats/liberals. My mayor is a Democrat. My city council is a Democrat. Most of my county officials are Democrats. My state has had Democrat control of the legislature for eight decades. Then there's the federal government-- no need to explain that one.

West Virginia is a case study in why fiscal liberalism doesn't work. We're last in everything. The only people left are old geezers.

I am an outsider. I come from nothing. My dad is a garbage man and a meter reader. I have no representation in government. No connections, no favors, nothing.

Sarah Palin represents everything that I try to stand for as a person, political activist, and candidate: character, ethics, integrity, conservatism, reform, and yes, even Christianity.

Sarah Palin is me, or at least what I want to be.

Michael said...

I would also add an example. I work in a grocery store. My coworkers range from conservative like me to liberal atheists, and every one of them sees the cruelty that comes from the Democrats and their liberal economic policies.

I chose a day at random about a month ago; 31 percent of that day's income came from food stamp purchases-- and a big portion of that, at least half, was food that is bad for you. This has got to be the first nation in the history of the world where the poor people are fat.

So what do I do? I try to make change (real change, not Obama change) in spite of all these obstacles others put in the way. Out with the old guard, I say. No more "politics as usual." That's Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sarah Palin is going to protect poor people from junk food. Grow up. Get a mind.

Anonymous said...

From a fellow Andover person, i would say all of the above. I am 40 year old male and there is something Ronald Reaganesque about her. I guess its tough to put my finger on it, but i feel like she is not always "on" like Obama is. Even when he is trying to be cool, every word is chosen carefully. She is not afraid to stumble over words. She can be a stunning speaker and down home and folksy as well. That's why the left is constantly attacking her, they are scared of her. She has her values and those drive her, rather than what the polls say.

I think this is a great move on her part. I believe that she was mishandled by McCain's handlers and when she gets fully up to speed on the nitty gritty of the issues and builds relationships across the lower 48 she will do very well on the national stage.

Anonymous said...

Can I choose all of the above? I'm an 18 year old female and I'm looking into a career in politics. I look up to her so much. She's strong woman with values and morals and she's not afraid to say what she believes in. I love her "kill 'em with kindness" approach, as well.

Anonymous said...

I’m not going to chose ‘all of the above because that puts her in a category that she’ll have to defend. Maybe #1 is good enough. I like the way she looks around at the crowd with that all knowing smile when she’s about to speak about the absurdness of the left wing BS. I am a 67 year old male who has seen World war 2 heroes come home, Korean war heroes come home, Vietnam heroes come home etc…etc.. and knowing what they all fought for And they sure in hell didn’t fight to change this country into what Obama and his hand picked destroyers are trying for. Oh if only we had a 60 majority of Sara Palins we wouldn’t have a minority of wimpy ignorant self righteous nit wits.

Trak said...

Dear Anonymous, age 67

How do you know what the vets fought for, you self righteous horses ass? You weren't one of them. You stood there and watched them come home from four wars . And if you were one, so what? Our troops fought for many things, most of all the right of even hypocrites and fools like you to say what you please. You should thank the ones who died and you should do it today, you schmuck. And by the way, that Goose-Interview moron you support will never be President. If she runs it will be the best thing that could happen for Democrats. Plus, she'll give us lots of laughs along the way.

My guess is she'll start a third party, she's selfish and destructive enough to wreck the Republican Party who hurt hr so bad. Aww. Maybe she'll start the Idiotocratic Party or Menopausally Insane Party.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be fantastic is Sarah Palin ran for President. The Democrats could rack up the biggest win of all time. Please, keep supporting her. And keep sending her your money! More! Empty your pockets!

Anonymous said...

Trak... you have just reitterated what I was saying....they fought to protect your (and my) right to say what we want.As far as me just watching them come home...and not fighting is just Circumstantial. I was too young for ww2 and korea...to physicly sick for vietnam..too old for the First Iraq and way too old for #2 Iraq. And if dumb ass doesn't get on the ball I'll be saying I'm too old for N Korea or Iran.

Anonymous said...

one more thing if I'm allowed. You called me a self righteous ass. which doesn't bother me at all. But you asked how would I know what they fought for???
My uncle was killed in world war2 My father thank god made it back from north africa safe. 14 in our small town lost their lives in ww2. I asure you these were hard working tradesmen who cared about only one thing in life...taking care of their familys, a good job, fishing, baseball, helping their children grow up with compasion for their fellow beings and protecting the American way of life, etc..etc... None of us didn't know where our early morning corn flakes came from. We knew our fathersworked their asss off to put it on the table. We grew up supporting this country yes we changed some things but we never ripped to shreds that document that is the rule of our great republic. You know the one, the one that all brave heros fight and die for.And will had fight and die so other countries might enjoy our way of life.

Anonymous said...


Too sick for Vietnam. 4F? 1Y?

My uncles fought and killed in WWII and I can tell you it wasn't to protect BASEBALL!

Anonymous said...

My father and his friends fought to protect the american way of life, that includes the freedoms and all that come with the anerican way.,, including baseball. My father never layed claim to protecting this country for freeloaders ...lazy asss, and socialist pigs whos only goal is to rule over the misfortunate and eliminate incentives for their own gain. You my friend have no idea what this country is. If you did you sure an hell wouldn't be protecting the beast we have as president.

Anonymous said...

4 F- Anonymous, you dumb nazi shitbird. Thanks for finally revealing your true colors. I knew it wouldn't take much.

Anonymous said...

nazi shitbird? 4-f was do to a desease that left me deaf in one ear and partially blind in my left eye. Even with this disability and that was 1962 I have not collected one friggen penny from any government hand out. I owned a business with 4 employees. I took a partial retirement last year...66 I am still working 4/5 hours a day. I support every worthy cause and every worthy candidate for office in this great country. I do not support freeloaders lazyass,reverse racists and name callers and I certainly do not stoop to name calling when I can't think of a retort to a subject I know nothing about.
Supporting and defending a Sara Palin comes easy for me.

Anonymous said...

4f -- and the President of the US is a beast?

And socialists are pigs?

We sense some bitterness. Of course you wouild support Palin. A vengeful self-pitying hypocrite with a martyr complex.

MikeW said...

I would say 1, 3 and 4. It's because she is like us. She is trying to raise a family, make a living, and live a good life. She is not some mega-rich Ivy league person like most of our politicians.

B. Franklin, former intellectual said...

Yes, Mike. God forbid she went to an Ivy League college. God forbid she had learned our history, our literature, or any of that. God forbid she had been able to achieve acceptance into these, the best schools in the world. Thank you Mike, for you mediocrity and your love of mediocrity. The world is a complex place and we don't need people who read or think too much to gum up the works with their knowledge.

CntrySngr said...

6: She pisses off the Left.

I truly enjoy watching the MSM foam at the mouth and spew bilge at Palin. Why? Because the more they do it, the more they undermine their credibility and bring into question their objectivity. To put it another way, I enjoy seeing the MSM collectively cut off their noses to spite their faces.

We'refubar said...

1,3,4,5 and because of all this she captures her audience and scares the left because she is a winner!