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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Real Problem With Palin's Press Conference

I have a new piece up on Fox Forum:

"The Real Problem With Palin's Press Conference"

"On HuffPo, that Foucaultian vessel of scholarly badinage, Francesca Biller-Safran has decided Palin is resigning to marry a moose. (Yes, really. 'You’re invited to the wedding.') On CNN, Jack Cafferty found a pointed way to combat the so-called 'lame duck' excuse. 'She was already lame,' he cackled, like an ornery old man who suspects his nurses are secretly trying to poison him."


Patrick said...

Great column S.E. I thought the same thing. I can't believe that some people are acting like she just went up there and had some sort of psychotic breakdown. She gave several good reasons, and because of that, the liberals are going to say that she has none. We have to support her now more than ever though, to prove that her career is not over (which is the last thing it is in my own opinion). Now she can give speeches, rally the troops, get ready for 2012, and she could easily get a leadership position even on the national level with something like the Tea Parties to stop Obama, which I believe is her number one goal right now.

By the way, you might want to tell Fox to check out how they posted your column, a lot of the apostrophes showed up as weird characters, nothing that made it eligible, but enough to cause quite an anoyance.

... said...

Oh S.E., not you too! Liberals "fear" her? You should know better...

Do us a favor- do everything in your power to nominate her in 2012. I'm practically begging you. Just because 70% of an ever increasing GOP base would vote for her, does not mean the rest of the country would.

Don't get me wrong, I like Sarah Palin. She's fun to watch and she's definitely very...mavericky. But most reasonable people see her for what she is- willfully ignorant, trivial, and unserious in the extreme.

... said...

I was so hot-in-a-biscuit to post I made a goof... "70% of an ever SHRINKING GOP base"

First Doodoo said...

If Palin becomes Pres, my hope is that Bristol is made Ambassador to Cancun. Clearly, the girl knows how to party. Wait, that's a country right? Cancun?

She should get a break because as mer mom said, the media did not place her off limits. Excpet, it was her dad who went on the Knocked Up tour with her, and her mom and dad who decided it would be cool to put her out there (the street may be next if the book royalties get eaten up by legal fees), anyway her mom put her out there and now she;s like, blaming the media? If my 18 year old young daughter was pregnant with no husband, I don't think I'd tell her to go on TV about something she never practiced in the first place. But, hey, that's just me.

Anyway, the mom and dad made her a media spectacle and now they're blaming the media. That's why I say Palin would make a good President because she's good at blaming.

Anyway, Bristy should get the Ambassadorship to Cancun in payment for all her trouble, and her mom must have promised her something to get her to flip on national TV regarding abstinence, which she said only days before didn't work. And she had that baby on her lap -- although, that baby was REAL still. Maybe it was a CPR dummy? Anyway, I figure she was either promised Ambasadorship to Cancun or threatened with having to go to work.

It will be fun with them in the White House. Much funnier than Roseanne or Bev Hillbillys or any of those other trailer trash comedies.

By the way, SE, you're using references to French stuff your idiot base doesn't understand and hates too. Talk Plain amercun.

Anonymous said...

First doodle said...


sarah palin said...

I made a secret fast trip to the country of Africa this week, and I met some of the folks there, and naw, I don't think I'll go back again if I'm President, cuz when a teen girl like Bristol gets the wonderful gift of a baby, they give her contraceptives so it doesn't happen again, and shucks, that's not how us right thinking Americans want to feel about the future or past and whatnot, but, yeah, there's too many people in Africa of that type there so they should do what they are embarked on.

Thanks for yer support.

ruth said...

First doodoo said plenty.What's more, you know it's true. She exploited her own child and grandchild for her political gain, then claimed the media wouldn't leave the poor babies alone. It's you Palin lovers who are soiling your pants because you know she's a loser. All your rage and defensiveness is a delight to watch, very funny, almost as funny as the Naughy Monkey clown herself.

Anonymous said...

as I said,first doodle said:


Why would anyone worry about what someones daughter is or does...whos baby is whos... what is the problem with the looneys? Good god did you ever stop to think that maybe your mothers had sex before marriage and maybe you were concieved in the back seat of a broken down convertible ...on a dirt road somewhere??
What the hell and who cares about what Saras daughter is.
Wait, it just dawned on me... the left has hit bottom in the thinking department and they have nothing but an empty shell when it comes to defending policies that don't work so they have to make the other guy look bad. When they can't find anything legitimate or worthy of sound debate they look for stupidity. Hey lefties remember Willies bj's ???
I didn't think so

Walter said...

I would say that Sarah Palin does evidently terrify the left. If she were such an insignificant person, why jump around howling and screaming about her, rather than simply letting her go quietly into oblivion? Why does Maureen Dowd feel it necessary to comment at all on Palin's resignation speech, If Palin were already dead and gone? How was it that David Letterman still felt that it was topical to make a crude sexual joke at the expense of Palin's daughter, if Sarah Palin were simply a used up tube of toothpaste? I can see quite a bit of craven fear here.

Walter said...
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Anonymous said...

The deal about the pregnant teen Bristol, is 3fold.

It doesn't mattter much that rhe girl got pregnant -- except that her mother is a "family values" mouthpiece and an evanglical christian. Doen't the Bible look askance at such behaviior? When I went to Baptist Sunday School they certainly did. Maybe it doesn't matter anymore. Now I guess gays are the only sinners. But the BIBLE IS VERY CLEAR ABNOUT THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE SO DON'T TRY TO BLOW THIS SHIT AWAY, YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITES.

Ahem -- now, it probably matters to the future of the yoUng woman herself -- or it would if she were not from a family of privilege. Remember how you detest WELFARE MOTHERS, YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITES? Well. Bristol could well be one except her mother quit as governor of Alaska so she's got plenty of networks and will never have to collect welfare -- or get a real job.

Imagine if Obama had a sister (African-American! From Chigago!) with a baby with absent father. You morons would be all over that like flies on shit, you FUCKING HYPOCRITES.

Then there's the matter none of you deal with -- that her mother put her on the road in the Knocked Up Tour, with her dad. If you think network TV shows, baring her intimate life and rehashing her mistakes is the best place for YOUR DAUGHTER if she were a teenage mother, then you really are as creepy as your beloved Hockey Mom.

No, wait, it's okay for Palin to put her kid out there because she's...the embodiment of true American values? Because she'll lower your taxes?

You Palin people know you have a dead salmon on the line. And you know it. And your fear and despair is all over everything you write. It's a great laugh. You want to believe the phony Hollywood ending you;ve been fed since chidlhood -- the little guy vanquishes those evil people in Washington! -- but this is not a movie and it's not going to happen.

So I know you'll discount everything I said because I used caps and profanity but you discounting it won't change history or 2012, losers.

Sarah Palin or one of her trash relatitves will destroy Sarah Plain.

Anybody want to discuss Senator Ensign? I tell you, the social conservative movement is the best comedy show since Soupy Sales.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy my dear demo friends is NOT a word invented for the demo party to use when describing values of a sexual nature of the republican party. Hypocrisy also is used for the whole gamut of the ‘ do as we say not as we do people. To include both parties
I still ask the question, If Sara Palin is all the left wing loony’s say she is….why are they so worried about her? What are they afraid of? If republicans are losers why worry? If the demos have the majority and are the saviors of all mankind , why worry about republicans?
Demos promise, and when they can’t keep that promise, instead of admitting failure…its blamed on the republicans. So I ask , for 65 years demos have been laying claim to saving the poor, ‘ how come threes still the poor?…how come 50 million (demo count) don’t have health insurance? Why are their house being foreclosed on? Eh? If you have all the majority power what’s the problem?
Sara Palin happens to appeal to those who are tired of being bullshited to...tired of being talked down to...being belittled and worst of all your party assuming poor folks need you to survive.
I happened to come from poor folks with little education...but I found out at an early stage in life trhat I had a back and a pair of hands and with some tools turned my life around. I to this day know that government played no part in my success. None.
If government steps aside and give sthe economic problems back to where it belongs we will do just fine. That muy demop friend i sthe reason we support people like Sara Palin.

Anonymous said...

Big hands anonymous. All you did was point to the left's hypocrisy. I notice you did not respond to anything your pals were being accused of. It's alway like that the hard right.

dirty said...

hi there s.e.!
i love catching you on the fox network. you always know how to dress in such a stylish, classy manner. i do wish though that we could get to see more of your legs though. i bet you would look absolutely amazing in a pair of very sheer nude or suntan hose and a nice, classy pair of heels!
do it please!!!

Sarah Palin's Shoe Salesperson said...

You read about Palin in the NY Times today? The Naughty Monkey is losing her hair. That's the pattern, the brains go first, in her case around the time of birth, then the hair. This is not to be confused with hare-brained which she is as well. That means one has the brains of a rabbit.

She has the cunning of a rat, but that's something else.

Please, keep sending her your money. Her defense fund, her SarahCRAP whatever.

You see, she's the one who during the campaign said many, many, many hardworking Americans were not American at all because they did not think like she does. She's the one who stood there at Naz -- I mean campagin rallies while people yelled "Lynch him" and "Death to the traitor" regarding Obama. So now, if some people despise e her, what can be done to help the Naughty Monkey?

H. Ballard said...

Re the hair loss -- Probably if she contacts the Michael Jackson estate, they have some wigs they're no longer using that they'll sell very reasonably.

She'll have her high heels sneakers and her wig hat on her head.

Oh,wait -- they'll find out abut her racist constituency and refuse. Well, we tried.

Petey Pipeline said...

Read Plain's latest speech re cap and trade. She is "sitting on a mountain of gas" to quote her. As for the rest of us....