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Friday, August 7, 2009

Gay America, Get Your Priorities Straight

I have a new column in the New York Daily News:

"Gay America, Get Your Priorities Straight"

"The Advocate gives Obama an 'F' for his work on repealing DOMA, and a 'C-' for what it calls slow action on repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' It also questions whether or not Obama's been lobbying hard enough for Employment Non-Discrimination legislation. The indictments against the President are well-founded - he has done little to expand gay rights. But that doesn't make this a smart strategy for gay activists. In fact, it's pretty dumb."


rainjade said...

obama asked americans to hold him to high standards of accountability and transparency for his conduct and actions. he is the one who set the bar high for our expectations and hope for equality. he called himself our “fierce advocate”. he specifically stated he would call on congress to enact legislation that would repeal DOMA and DADT. his post-election about-face claim of wrestling—today—with his religious beliefs versus his patronizing 'solicitude' for LGBT people smacks of pandering to me. moreover, i wonder if obama has now forgotten the separation of church and state when running our country, especially as it is crucial for our civil rights equality.

i reserve the right as an american citizen to criticize obama for words and deeds which are not simply inaction on LGBT issues, but actively hurtful to our community:

1. the DOMA brief: pre-election, obama claimed that DOMA is “abhorrent.” why has he allowed his DoJ, and not repudiated since, the hateful, extreme-right draconian arguments used therein? he now insists he must defend it DOMA in court as law, when there is direct precedent from the last 3 out of 4 presidents that he could have filed a court brief opposing DOMA instead, on the grounds that it is an unconstitutional law (reagan, INS v. chadha in 1983; bush senior, metro broadcasting v. federal communications commission in 1990; clinton, dickerson v. united states in 2000). certainly the throw-absolutely-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks arguments could have been supplanted by simple weak procedural grounds.

2. DADT: he stated that DADT was both prejudicial and hurting our national security. he is our commander-in-chief, yet he inexplicably chooses to condone weakening our security by continuing to refuse issuing of an executive stop-loss order (pending repeal legislation) to stop the hemorrhaging of our LGB troops? 70% of americans—a clear majority—now support DADT repeal. but in a recent interview with anderson cooper, obama said he now wants to “change” the law—-not repeal. that is a subtle revision that he hopes we won't notice.

3. ENDA: why the silence? why no leadership, no interest? 10% of the american population can be fired from their jobs and denied housing solely because of their sexual orientation. obama, child of the civil rights movement, is okay with that?

you take the position that there are many other important items that need addressing in our country before LGBT civil rights. we as a community have been hit harder by the economic and health care crises precisely because we have no civil rights or constitutional standing in 44 states. action on other fronts certainly doesn’t preclude action on civil rights. that’s multitasking, and that’s both congress’ and obama’s job to do. you see obama as a strong ally. i did too, but i see him differently now, and it’s his own doing. it began the day hate-preaching, anti-marriage equality (love your euphemism of "pro-marriage") rick warren was selected for the inauguration invocation, and it has gone from bad to worse in only six months.

we’ve waited patiently for decades. my wife and i will celebrate our tenth anniversary in a few months. she is recovering from cancer and i am physically disabled. but we will be in D.C. come october. and we will continue, in every way possible, to call on those who represent us to actively press obama and our congress members for our equality as american citizens, as guaranteed by both the declaration of independence and by our constitution. we will call, fax, phone, mail, email, network, meet with, educate, rally, march, protest, fund raise, and keep on working as we must to achieve equality.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding article! I agreed with everything. Gay America does need to get their priorities. Since Obama has been in office, the gay community has tried to make themselves the center of attention, but they have to realize we have an economy to fix, two wars going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the current health care debacle.

I should have thought of this a lot sooner, but I was beat by a better journalist. :)

Have a good day,

~~Ryan O'Hara

the dominator said...

Ryan, your newest article on the Swine Flu is outstanding!

S.E you are right on! I think Gay America needs to stop thinking so vainly.

the dominator said...

You're article on the White House Hiding the Bad News About Unemployment is very informative and funny. Keep up the good work.


Kyle said...

You guys sure talk about Ryan O'Hara a lot. Anyway, great article S.E. and a big kudos to Ryan for his conservative journalism.

Chloe said...

Ryan, did you live in Yuma, Arizona??

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did for 11 years. Horrible education. 120+ degree heat. Illegals thrive in the city. I'm glad I'm out of there.

Anonymous said...


Saw your homely self on Red Eye again last night. You really aren't the most charming person to appear on the show, but last evening you really crossed the line into contemptibility, when you denigrated Molly Ringwald with your comment regarding her "decidedly average looks". HUH? Have you looked in the mirror lately, toots? Ms. Ringwald, with her gently curving form, milky skin, and pouty rosebud lips, is hardly "average". She is decidedly ABOVE average. Yet you, with your pieface, stringy flat trailer park hair, beady eyes, gummy smile, and gap-filled peg teeth, are undoubtedly BELOW average. When is the last time you were cast as a teenage beauty queen in a major film? Or ANYWHERE besides your own fantasy world? That's right, NEVER. How about an alluring artsy alterna-girl pursued and desired by "freaks" and rich "normie" boys alike? That's right, never. When were you a cultural icon for style, beauty, and individuality? That's right....NEVER. I've never seen you do anything remotely interesting or relevant, merely preen and berate like the pompous self-important, strident twit you are. You aren't even a blip on the cultural radar, and compared to a woman emblematic of an era for many youths worldwide, you are a non-entity. And by the way, I'm a Republican. You jealous little asshat, I hope you get what's coming to you, and have no doubt that you will.

Anonymous said...


This is a ordinary egveryday picture of molly ringwald.

Molly couldn't hold a candle to SE.

Old saying: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Anonymous. It's really easy to sound like an idiot on the computer. I congratulate you for making a colossal asshat of yourself. In a way, it's pretty funny I'll give you that, but in a bad way.

If you seriously thing Molly the fatso looks better than S.E., then you have some problems. You are a Republican?? What does that mean now? Colin Powell states he's a Republican, but he supported Obama.

Molly, by the way, referred to health care protesters as a "pack of racists". So are you sticking with you're liberal man? (cough cough).

Now...be a good boy and go help you're parents set the table at dinner and gain some maturity, but I think that will take some time.

Victor Mature said...

Amazing to see two first rate political thinkers like Cupp and O'Hare wasting their time on some actress' looks. I said before the political thing for Cupp is a cover, a path to her dream of pocketing some of Uncle Rupert's gelt so she can get out of those Burberry knock-offs; I said if she wasn't scribbling about politics it would be about show business or ther awful girl down the street. This latest bears out what I said.

As for that other razor sharp mind, Li'l Pube O'Hare, who knows what his problem is. Probably beaten up in his school on a regular basis. He sees himself as the Mozart of the American hard right. The kid's a hysterical joke from start to finish. He's a cancelled series concept.

But a mind is a terrible thing to waste, even if it's attached to the ethics of two lizards.

By the way, y'know who's hot -- Ryan, this wouldn't concern you, it's about sexual stirrings for a female -- is that January Jones. Wow. huh SE?!

Maybe you should change your name to June Cupp. or August "Augie" Cupp. Or maybe just Training Cupp which judging from pix of your upper bod, seems to be the most accurate.

Chloe said...

Victor, I having known Ryan since we were in our childhood is a very mature and smart man. Who brought about her looks in the first place? You did! You are nothing more than a hypocrite.

Do you even read what you are writing? How dare you act so immature. You probably were given wedgies throughout you're life. Ryan is so tall and strong he could beat you're liberal ass up easy.

You, Victor Mature?? Screw you. Rush Limbaugh even endorsed Ryan's work. He earns $9 dollars an hour for 3 hours work a day. 27 dollars a day for a Junior?

Has Rush Limbaugh ever endorsed you? You are just jealous of a purely smart and more intelligent Conservative. I don't even think you are a Conservative.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You call yourself mature Victor?

I thank Mr. Rush for the endorsement that you just mentioned Chloe. I have been a follower of his ever since I started listening to him back in 2005.

How about completing you're sentences for us please.Quote from you:By the way, y'know who's hot. What the hell are you trying to say?

You brought up the actress in the first place. If you didn't have to act so immaturely in the first place, we wouldn't be getting on you're case for it.

Lil Pube O'Hara, hahaha, I wouldn't have a problem just punching you in the face. How about you come on my radio show on Saturday? Are you up for the challenge? If not, shut up, get a life, stop being jealous of other conservatives, and try to get a decent fan base.

Far-left dolts like you are cowards and usually never respond to our challenges.

Rise_Up said...

After once again reading another one of Victor Immature's rants...it has come to my attention that he is in fact a hypocrite and doesn't even read what he is saying. The Democrats need to "READ THE BILL! READ THE BILL!"


He is probably for Socialized Medicine.

Chloe said...

I thank you Ryan for defending Ms. Cupp from this immature liberal.

Unlike many Republicans, Ryan can take you're ridiculous claims that he's beaten up in school. Does that explain why as a high school wrestler he has a 21-0 record??

Come on, Victor, grow some and stop posting stupid posts.

Joe the Plucker said...

Wow, I like the cut of you're jib Chloe.

That was just a disgusting and immature act from Mrs. Immature.

Please Victor, if you want to be mature just shut up and stop replying to other people's posts. It will get you a long way.

Rising Sun said...


Ryan, I'm appalled that the liberal media is saying the Recession is over. I'm sick of hearing this.

Quote from you:"Many economists believe the current recession is on the verge of ending. If the economy starts to grow in the second half of this year, companies are expected to switch from layoffs and trimming workers' hours to boosting employment as demand for their products increases, but believe me, the recession is almost over, but the Depression is just beginning." I loved this quote and this one

"In the current recession, companies have been using the productivity gains to bolster their bottom lines in the face of declining sales. Many companies have been reporting second-quarter earnings results that have beaten expectations despite falling sales, due largely to their aggressive cost cutting. The companies are starting to cut back. This does not mean the recession is over. It just means the companies aren't spending as much. The more they spend, the harder the economy falls.

Fred Cajun said...

Why so many immature comments from Victor Mature or whatever his name was before?

Vic Mature said...

Dear Volks -- I didn't bring up Molly Ringwald. That Anonymous person was not me. It was somebody else. I have no need to lie about that or anything. But O'Hare felt compelled to denigrate Ms. Ringwald , calling her a fatso. This is par for the course for someone in high school so we don't get so exorcised about it. BUt what did she ever do to him? Just to elevate his dream lover, SS Cupp, he has to poo all over Ms. Ringwald? And why did Cupp do that in the first place.

So O'Hare has been endorsed by Limbaugh? Now I AM impressed! To answer Chloe's question, no I have never been endorsed by Rush. But I'm not a professional blogger, radio personality, or major political mind like O'Hare. How would El Rushbo even know about li'l ol' me? I'm just one of those average Americans O'Hare likes to trumpet. I'm not part of an elite like Lil Pube, Rush, the Cuppster.

Actually, I take that back. Rush did endorse me sort of. I used to manufacture gigantic pants for hug fat pigs,waist sizes over 56-70. Rush raved about them on his show once, cause he wore them. He also wore our belts for "hefty gentlemen" which were actually reconditioned US Army tank fanbelts -- about all he could get around him. My brother was in the food business, made these pure lard sandwiches and Limbaugh was a big fan of them, too . Sometimes he'd grind up a few of his big cigars into the lard and eat the whole thing.

But as a political person Rush never endorsed me which is just as well because though I am very conservative, I disagree with him on a few things and I'm afraid he might call me a You Know What (Famous German bad man, I don't even want to say it) like he did the President of the United States.

But if Rush has endorsed O'Hare, that is certainly something to be proud of.

But Ry, my man -- let me ask you something. Your writing reveals that you are downright angry and downhearted that the economy might be turing around. Methinks, you protest too much. In fact, I would venture to say you wish that people continued losing jobs, being out of work, having trouble supporting their families. Much better that than anything accrue to Obama's credit. No wonder Rush endorsed you. You guys want America to fail. It's an interesting strategy for us conservatives but clearly has risks and, if you don't mind my saying so, is a little cruel. The economy is recovering.

Please, son, don't overdose on pills or something when it does. You're just too valuable to lose.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Ringwald called me a racist for not supporting Obama and for that I fired back.

I'm not angry that the economy is turning around. I'm angry that the mainstream media is persuading ideologues that the recession is over. It is indeed not. Home sales fell 15% this month.

No, I have no intention of doing any type of drugs. Thank you.

You are taking our words out of context. I want America to succeed and for the people to prosper and for that Obama must fail! If you think the recession is over, I believe you can be called a Moderate, but not a Conservative. There is no such thing as a Moderate Conservative in my book.

Obama quoted that the AARP endorsed his health care bill. (Cough) LIES! He did not misspeak. Hours earlier on The O'Reilly Factor, the spokesman for AARP stated that he is for health care reform, but that they had not endorsed any piece of legislation and now he is speaking against Obama.

The Federal Reserve dropped interest rates to 0.25 percent! I don't think the BO administration realizes that our money becomes worthless if the interest rate turns to 0.

Chloe said...

I think that shut him up.

vic "mature" mature said...

Chloe , chief skank-twat of the fascist hard right.

That in fact did not shut me up. Though impressed by Mr. O'Hare's seemingly informed arguments, I kept thinking about a post of his where he said "illegal aliens" ruined his life in Phoenix or something to that effect. This to me always smacks of code. I kept wondering if the illegals had been blondes from Norway or Scotland, if they would have been as ruinous to his way of life.

This put me in mind of his claim that Molly Ringwald called him a racist for not supporting Obama. I begain to wonder, not so much, IS he a racist, though I did wonder -- I began to wonder if she stated unequivocally he was a racist or implied he was a racist. If it was an implication (big word for you, look it up) then it's open to his interpretation and so who knows, blah, blah, blah. I thought of asking him, then became bored with the whole thing -- realizing I would never get a definitive answer. I became bored with his casting aspersions on my level of" conservative-ness". I becaame bored with him, S E Cupp, this web site, the whole thing and decided what I should do is stop this idiotic juvenile "debating" back and forth and do something more important with my time, the internet being an energy sump (look it up -- although you may not own a dictionary, I realize).

He seems to be a commmited, intelligent young man who reads and analyzes. However history shows us that when zealous political parties achieve power, that's when their problems really start. Hitler killed many of the top Nazi's for not being pure enough. Shia vs Sunni -- enough said (although you may not know who they are -- look it up), The Bolshviks purging and eliminating the Mensheviks (alas Chloe, again -- look it up). And in Mr. O'Hares tone, and his statement that there are not moderate conservatives, I began to smell someone I no longer needed to exchange thoughts with. Mark my words -- if a Palin or Bachman got elected, there will be purging of those not "conservative enough". Not death -- maybe -- but political banishment, or at least, loss of perks. I only hope Mr. O'Hare is on the right side of that or he'll be denounced by his own party.

Anyway, that's where I left it. I was finished -- and also disgusted by the talk of "death panels" etc )not here on Red SE -- not yet anyway) and I decided to quit. My decision stands. But then, my weakness -- I checked out the site again due to a desire to procrastinate my own writing for the day -- and I saw your post. And so I'm back, you stupid mean-spirited little turd. Good-bye for now. You seem young. I hope your life is full of disappointment and grief, I hope you suffer the same hurt and failure you wish upon other Americans who don't think like you. Actually, I don't have to hope. I know it will be true. It already is. You're sooo pissed off.

A said...

It's just a sign of the times going forward in reverse.


Joe said...

Vic, are you an idiot. Ryan said the No Child Left Behind Act destroyed education in "Yuma, Arizona". Ahem, not Phoenix.

There is a difference.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that Mr. Mature.

I wish the destruction of Socialism.

Vic said...


I'm well aware O'Hara had a problem with No Child Left Behind.

It was right around the time that Florida Republican Mark Foley was working on some child's left behind.

candace said...

With all due respect, I have some doubts regarding some posts I read here. Molly Ringwald called some guy O'Hara a racist and his response was to call her a FATSO? I've heard of asymetrical warfare but inthis case, I smell a rodent. Most people, when called a racist (unless of course they were one), would probably not come back with fatso, doody-head, dopey, tubby but respond with something appropriately offended and serious. It's a serious accusation (unless of course, one is a racist, then it's a badge of honor). Makes me think this didn't happen. At least not as he claimed.

Joe said...

O'Hara is definitely not a racist. He supported Clarence Thomas and he is black.

Vic Mature said...

Glad to hear that. Glad to see Ryan ended his hiatus and made an article at http://cibolahighpolitics.blogspot.com

dick (richard) said...

Oh, he supported Clarence Thomas, the Justice who never asks a question or says anything while the SC is in session. Good. We have too many SC Justices with probing alert minds. We need a guy with a piece of straw sticking out of his mouth, "listening" with his eyes closed, nodding occasionally. Way to go Hare brain.

Vic Mature said...

You are an idiot. Dick.

richard said...


You are a dick, idiot.

Vic Mature said...

No I'm not. You complain about Thomas not asking questions, but look at our President not being asked serious questions. We need this socialist out of office.

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