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Monday, August 3, 2009

Organic Emperor Has No Clothes

I have a new column up in Newsmax:

"The Organic Emperor Has No Eco-Friendly Clothes"

"I have to believe that Kate Gosselin and mothers like her genuinely believe they're raising healthier and happier kids by shoving organic lollipops in their mouths, shelling out twice as much of the hard-earned family income at Whole Foods for organic peas, and sending their husbands out to build picnic tables from reclaimed wood. Why else would they do such ludicrous things in the middle of a recession?"



the dominator said...

although i agree with her article. i admit i do ejoy eating some organic food. i do get organic ketchup because it was the best tasting ketchup i have tried and i won't buy that crap from heinz (can't support terresa heinz or douchebag extrordinaire john kerry)

but yes some of the organic only types are seriously annoying and are flowing over with smug.

P.U. Cupp said...

The brain deficits evident in my cousin SE Cupp's articles comes from processed food most likely. As a family we blame it on the Cornell cafeteria where she was forced to take her meals during the ages 18-22, a crucial period for brain development for those who were off to a slow start to begin with.

And her immediate kin thought they were doing her a favor sending her to an elitist school. No good deed goes unpunished.

She doesn't like people building picnic tables out of reclaimed wood during a recession, wasting "the hard-earned family income". Can you believe a person is involved in thinking about this, and writing about it to complain? Until Sarah Palin makes her next imbelic statement, it's evident my cousin has nothing to do.

Anonymous said...

As a fan of SE Cupp, I think she should use her blog as a means of reporting opponents of dear leader Obama. Particulars on the new program are here:

Call For Informants: If You Oppose Obamacare, Even in ‘Casual Conversation,’ the White House Wants to Know About It

Send Informant Reports to: flag@whitehouse.gov

Anonymous said...

To: PU Cupp. Didn't catch the title of your latest book. Ha ha.

Chuck said...

SE, you're great. The Gosselins are just another self-absorbed, ego-maniacal, $70K-per-episode, got-to-go-with-the-latest-trend (organic foods, dating models, jet-setting, designer strollers, nannies, etc.) Hollywood-created couple who have no regard for their children. I hope Paul Peterson will do what he can to make sure these kids grow up well-adjusted and don't end up being druggie-alcoholic losers as a result of parental misdeeds. Keep up the great work, SE, and we love seeing you on TV.

PU: Next time you attempt to insult someone, perhaps you should learn to spell. Imbelic? I'm quite sure you meant angelic . . .

ConvervativegalinILLinois said...

Love ya, SE Cupp - but leave Whole Foods alone. The CEO is a decent man who cares for his folks yet believes in free market solutions. With 20k and counting in the so-called boycott, I'm inclined to start shopping there for once in my life! :)