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Monday, February 16, 2009

Darwin Isn't Dead...He's in Hiding

I have a new piece up on Newsmax.com about Darwin, his theory of evolution, and the so-called success of secularism:

"Darwin Isn't Dead....He's in Hiding."


Derek_M said...

Interesting.... A very engaging article. I wasn't actually aware of the numbers.

I have a very basic knowledge of evolution but punctuated equilibrium seems like the best explanation of the data.

What I do have a problem with is the pseudo-scientific Social Darwinism that has infected our entire civilization. The systematic reductionism is bordering on psychosis.

Dale said...

Great piece, although I was surprised when you said you were not Christian and don't believe in God. After reading Dinesh DSouza, it's kind of tough not to be a Christian.

Look, intelligent design can better explain nature than can evolution. The fact is that there is zero science for either creation or evolution. How can I say that? Because the scientific method requires observable, repeatable experiment that yields empirical data. Evolution is by its very nature not observable or repeatable. Therefore, both creationism and darwinism must be taken on faith, hence both are religions.

Call me Phoebe. I just don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dale! SE there is still a window for you to climb through you'll love it when it finally opens for you. XX

Patrick A said...

Saying that evolution is wrong because it is not repeatable is like dropping a dozen pennies off the Empire State Building and then claiming Newton was wrong about gravity because they don't all land on 5th Ave.

Evolution has been observed numerous times in both nature and in labs. To claim otherwise just highlights one's lack of knowledge on the subject.

Dale said...

Patrick A. You've highlighted my lack of knowledge. Now would you please enlighten me with some hard evidence? If evolution has been observed numerous times in a lab or in nature, give me a web address, white paper, or thesis that irrefutably demonstrates evolution. Better yet, a youtube video of evolution actually happening. That would be awesome.

Frit said...

Dear S.E. Cupp,

I have trouble with the idea that the theory of evolution is somehow the property of the left. The theory of evolution is about real life and the left wouldn’t know real life if it bit them (which it soon will). “Survival of the fittest” means the very opposite of equality and fairness and every other misconception the left holds dear and is a total justification of individualism and freedom and every other notion the right is supposed to hold dear.

Josh said...

I'm an orthodox Jew and went to an orthodox Jewish day school and was taught in Biology class that all creatures descended from a common ancestor/organism. The theory of evolution is the best and most rational explanation as to how we got here, and Creationists are just plain ignorant. There is no scientific basis to their proposition, just faith. For God's sake, quit looking at the Bible literally and treat the Creation story as a metaphor, as orthodox Jews do.

I can't stand knee-jerk conservatism. As a conservative I don't feel the need to defend every stinking retarded conservative agenda. It paints a broad brush on all conservatives and the intellectual liberals don't repect our legitimate positions when we're forced into defending stupidity like Creationism.