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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Judd vs. Palin

My friend Nick Rizzuto has a nice post on ConservativePunk.


Derek_M said...

Nice picture....hahaha!

Ashley Judd really is one of the nuttiest celebrities and, along with George Clooney, is an embarrassment to our state.

If I ever met her I would politely ask if she had eaten any squirrel brain gravy as a child. That would go a long way in explaining her madness.


HistoryBuff said...

If, as many pundits keep on saying, Palin doesnt have a chance in 2012, why is Dudd, I mean Judd, so threatened by her?

Feminists like Judd should be happy Palin got the VP nod...
Oh, but I forget...unless you are a female with the "right" or should I say "left" politics, then you are embraced...

True hypocrisy

Dimitri said...

Why should I listen to Judd's concern for wolves?

After all, she supports abortion, which kills unborn children for the simple crime of inconvenience.

Bronx, NY