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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

St John's Brings Back Nostalgia

I have a new column up on Sports Illustrated online, the second in a running series on fandom.



kc said...

thanks for jogging my old memories. St John's vs. Georgetown (Carnesecca v. Thompson) in the 80s was great stuff...and that damn sweater Lou wore during the winning streak that John jovially mocked. Age is relative, young lady, in that one day you feel like you're 13 and another like you're 60. It's all in your head. By the way, your breadth of topic continues to amaze.

Jerry said...

Wow, thinking about Marcus Camby at UMass reminds me of secretly listening to March Madness on a little radio in high school English class. If you had only mentioned Lou Roe, it would have been a full on flash back...