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Monday, May 11, 2009

Catholics Are Tongue-Tied About Obama at Notre Dame

I have a new piece up today in Newsmax, about Obama's invitation to Notre Dame.

"Catholics Tongue-Tied Over Obama at Notre Dame."

"I toured the campuses of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s during my visit last week. I attended a Friday evening mass; I lit a candle at the famous grotto; and I checked out Notre Dame’s “touchdown Jesus.” And then I spoke with a group of students from both schools as well as some of the local GOP leadership. Needless to say, they are not looking forward to President Obama’s arrival. But they are in the minority."


Gerald Lamb said...

Unfortunately, it's a matter of causality. We can argue that the majority of self-identified Catholics voted for Obama - which they unfortunately did. We can also argue that the majority of Notre Dame students have expressed support for the invitation - which they unfortunately have. The numbers do tell a disturbing story. But the story behind those numbers is more disturbing still, and it has a great deal to do with the role that schools like Notre Dame have spent decades playing: namely, contributing to the erosion of the Catholic character and morality of those who are being taught. This has been accomplished largely by misrepresenting what the Catholic Church actually teaches - especially on matters of faith and morals - and blurring the line of distinction between right and wrong in the name of a false "academic freedom," which can never be fully realized in any institution of higher learning (Catholic or otherwise) when the professor misrepresents the subject he is supposed to teach.

So yes, the numbers do tell a disturbing story. But they speak more to the poor formation received by two generations of Catholics, to the point that they no longer recognize the truth of what is taught by the faith they profess. In many ways, the Obama invitation has inspired many poorly-formed Catholic to understand why this is such a serious matter. Despite the media's attempts to portray opponents of the invitation as right-wing nut jobs, the situation has presented many teaching opportunities. I can personally attest to that, having had many opportunities to discuss with people why this situation is so offensive to Catholic sensibilities.

Thanks for posting.

docious said...

props on breaking this story before the backbencher on drudge today.