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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Courage or Subterfuge?

I have a new piece up in the Fox Forum:

"Obama Blinks on Prison Photos: Courage or Subterfuge?"

"The way I see it, there are three likely circumstances that could explain this 147th flip-flop on the interrogation issue and whether or not prosecuting the Bush administration is something Obama wants to do. (It would seem an easy enough question – either he’s for it or he’s against it. But then again, as has become typical, no one seems to know what Barack Obama’s for and against.)"


Anonymous said...

Good article.

You hit on all the key question anyone thinking must have about Obama's actual intentions.

I'd like to think he woke up and realized the stupidity of releasing such stuff during a war. Unfortunately I suspect #1 is more then likely whats going on.

Any decision Obama makes I first look at how it will help him make himself feel as if he's gaining personally form it.More often then not its clear that was his primary if not sole reason in making it.

I have a very hard time believing someone who ignores and IMO lies about Iraq, releases memos with the apparent intent to harm political opponents, and has had a generally dismissive attitude towards the military is concerned one bit with the effects on the war effort or the soldiers fighting it.

BTW you are also very pretty :)

Gerald Lamb said...

In my chronic inability to put anything past The One, I question whether or not these photos ever existed in the first place. Mentioning their alleged existence, saying he will release them, and then deciding after "careful consideration" that it is not in America's best interest after all wins him rare praise from conservative pundits and gives the impression that he is open to being swayed by rational arguments. This adds to the aura of his "bipartisanship," and is helpful in offsetting the decided lack of partisanship in Congress when it comes through to pushing through his agenda (a fact he unwittingly alluded to with his "alignment of the stars" comment in reference to passing his health care agenda).

Like you, I'm hoping the man has actually seen reason and decided to act in America's best interests. But this whole situation reeks of a tactic straight of out the "Rules for Radicals" playbook.

BTW, while I'm nowhere near as forward as Anonymous, it's very hard to argue with his last statement :-)