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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Racism + Sexism = Empathy?

I have a new piece up on the Fox Forum on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court:

"Sotomayor -- Obama's Nominee Spouts Biased Views on Race and Gender"

"Sorry, white guys. Ms. Sotomayor is, quite simply, not your gal. But to all the forgotten, pasty, sun-deprived, uterus-less men of America, there’s good news yet. It’s not white guys that a worldview such as hers hurts most –- it’s women and minorities."


b.m. cupp said...

Don't know if my first emsssion got through so I'l repeat that every day, usually in the morning, I strain to fill my vessel with doctrinaire conservative ideas. Eat of them as you will

Anonymous said...

Cupp, You didn't even read the full context of the quote you are opining on all over the net, did you?

Actually, don't answer that -- as it is obvious that you haven't -- for if you have, then you are being intellectually dishonest.

I'll just chalk this one up to: Sean/Rush/etc. are saying she is a racist for this out-of-context quote, so you were just falling in line.

How nice for you, btw, to parrot this dishonesty. You are fitting right in with the leaders of the RNC.


PS, I'm a Libertarian and former GOP member... alas, I've grown up and refuse to associate myself with what the GOP has become.

Anonymous said...

To the GOP member above, don't call us we'll call you, you were probably a RINO (Republican In Name Only) all your life and waited for the right moment to reflect your true colors!! Isn't the black robe a judge wears suppose to signify their biases don't show through and that they don't try to make law, this lady is a train wreck and Republicans shouldn't worry about upsetting the Hispanic vote, do your job the people sent you to do and make sure this wreck doesn't feel the seat of the Supreme Court. Obama wants to use this choice and others to step all over the Constitution, with the Constitution in place he can't take over the country.

Anonymous said...

Just remember everyone, Hitler was also voted into office!!!

ruth said...

Stupid people are the largest minority but they're still a minority. Thank the greater power for that. Those who believe the President wants to "take over the country" are the Truly Stupid. At points in history they were called morons. It was a medical term, then. At what ooint does the unrelenting stupidity of these persons cross over into mental disability, a true minority, deserving of special programs, paid for by tax money? In other words, are idiotslike Anonymous and intellectually dishonest serial frauds like SE Cupp actually the province of doctors and therapists? And who would pay for it? Obviouly, not them. But I say bring back moron and idiot as medical terms. Some politically correct false distinction has been drawn.

B.M. Cupp said...

I know it doesn't smell good but I'm filling the vessel with rote doctrinaire right wing intellectual product. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, are you so brain washed you refuse to see the writings on the wall, ignorance is when you never had the chance to learn, stupidity is when you had the chance but didn't bother, apparently Ruth you went to college ignorant but came out stupid. How can educated people whether they be moronic or stupid not see what is happening to this country and the beliefs it was founded on. Look what happened in San Diego...people were asked and law enforcement called in because they were having a Bible Study in their OWN home!! This Supreme Court nominee says the second amendment only applies to the federal government and not the states and isn't it funny how the states with the most unemployment now are democratic states..how's the Obama thing working out for ya. Thank You S.E Cupp for trying to turn the light bulb on for some people, others would much rather stay in the dark.


Umpire said...

Wow, and all this time I thought that to be a judge you had to give up (as much as humanly possible) agendas and be an impartial interpreter of the law.
Now I see all you really have to be is liberal and part of a minority group.

Anonymous said...

I love everyone saying "read the context!" What a joke. Those people need to read the whole damn speech.

And after the automatic defenders (isn't it funny that Republicans were far more critical of judicial selections from within than anyone is today?) read the speech, riddle me why Judge Sotomayor was more qualified than a white male to judge the Ricci case.

Near the end of her speech (to La Raza, which she formerly belonged to) she says people fail to have experience [read empathy] because they are incapable of it, lack the time or information to properly decide or they just don't care. So tell me, which one was it when she issued a one paragraph ruling in the Ricci/Reverse Discrimination case? Was it she is incapable of empathy because she lacks the experiences (thereby saying a white judge could come to a better decision)? Was it she didn't have the time or knowledge? Or did she just not care?

SE, it drives me nuts to hear these idiots say read the context and then they fail to utilize contextualization to the very cases she has decided! Its like saying look at how a ref called the entire game, but don't look at how he called the series.

Leslie H. said...

Two things... one, no one is saying that the fact that she mentions race is wrong, the problem is she clearly thinks it is ok to use biases from her own life in making a decision. two, in regards to the "anonymous" person who said the remarks were taken out of context, please tell me the context in which that statement means something different. I have yet to hear someone explain that. The left keeps saying the statement was distorted, but has not offered an explanation as to what she "meant" to say.