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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brits are Unimpressed?

Hardly a rave review from Michael White, Guardian UK political blogger...where's that Obamian charm we've heard so much about? Some excerpts:

"After all the adulation and the hatred, you have to reassure yourself the new president of the United States is just a man struggling to do his best."

"What that means is that he thinks before he feels, unlike George Bush, unlike Bill Clinton, too, I suspect. "

"Obama did not light up the gilded pomp of the Locarno Room at the Foreign Office where the hacks had been waiting two hours, a security-driven feature of dealing with a US president for many years now. He looked tired – not much evidence of his famous cool on this occasion – and did not smile much, though he does do humour and made a couple of decent jokes."

"Whatever family hostility we suspect the half-Kenyan president harbours towards the British Empire – his autobiography contains several sharp passages – he buried it. War and peace, thick and thin, a kinship of ideals as well as interests ... he laid it on with a trowel, though not with discernible warmth."


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