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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Revolution That Wasn't?

I have a piece in Newsmax online this morning about the liberal media's reaction to the tea parties:

"The Revolution That Wasn't?"

"Buried under stories about the President's new dog and his many fans overseas is the rumbling of a new and decidedly un-silent minority who will slowly become an un-silent majority while MSNBC is busy laughing and calling them crazy. If there's any doubt that the media is awash in bright blue Obamamania, and that it's thrown objectivity out the window along with reason and dignity, the tea party coverage is undeniable proof."


jim treacher said...

That pic of Maddow always cracks me up. "If you want to destroy my banner, hold this thread while I walk away..."

Thomas said...

Excellent points...loved the Peta bit at the end.

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