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Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama's Judicial Pick and Allah

New piece up on Newsmax:

"Why Republicans Shunned Obama's Judicial Pick"

"Praying in the name of Allah doesn’t advance a particular religion? I’m totally unfamiliar with Allah’s secular identity. Is 'Allah' also a pagan deity? Is 'Allah' also god of NASCAR or the iPod? Why would someone want to silence a majority in favor of the few? Luckily, the ruling was overturned by the very court to which Judge Hamilton stands to be appointed."


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tiffinwalla said...

while i agree that senators ought to get ample time to examine the judicial records of lifetime appointees, I think that your argument regarding the judge's ruling in the Indiana state house case is flawed, more rhetorical than logical. To equate the Arabic word for God with the proper name Jesus Christ employs poor reasoning. From a rhetorical standpoint, clearly your argument will score points as I doubt many newsmax readers are aware of the etymology of the word Allah (derived from the same root as the Hebrew elohim, a much more generic term for God than the more personal Yahweh). Indeed many Syrian and Lebanese eastern orthodox churches use the term to refer to the Christian God. I think the judge's ruling as quoted in your article makes the point fairly clearly.
I deplore poor reasoning used on both sides of the aisle, but especially of this type, which contributes to the lack of cross-cultural understanding. Believe me, muslim zealots use the same type of "logic" to mischaracterize the Christian belief system. The underlying tactic is to take your audience's already faulty understanding of the "other" and then assume it to be true. It is disappointing that you are unable provide a more logically-based criticism of Judge Hamilton's position. Sadly, this type of commentary is par for the course in our media culture, empty -headed blathering rather than anything that might educate the reader.