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Monday, April 27, 2009

Gay Republican for City Council? Get on Board, GOP

I have a piece up on Newsmax today about a 22-year-old gay Republican City Council candidate in Palm Springs named Drew Sweatte:

"Gay Republican for City Council? Get on Board, GOP"

"Drew's platform should give Palm Springs a real reason to unseat former N.O.W. president Ginny Foat. And not because he is running as a 'gay candidate.' He's running as a pro-business candidate in a town (and state) that is feeling the economic crisis harder than others."


Anonymous said...

SE, Do you have the vid clip from your apperance Monday on Hannity?

Sir Corky said...

Drew used to guest blog for a short while on an old defunct blog that I used to read called "Right up Front." I liked his posts and his opinions. I'm on the other side of the country or else I would support his candidacy.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of people who enjoy anal intercourse. It's not a healthy habit.

EK said...

GOOD FOR DREW! I hope he wins. His sexuality makes no difference if he's a pro-business Republican. Those who think differently should examine their own fears and get over them. (Hint: therapy)
Enough with the old people and Foate, whose more-than-questionable past should give anyone pause as to how she's been able to sit on that council for so long while the economy in PS goes downhill...
Fresh idea sometimes require a new generation of thought, and fresh ideas. The PS City Council has been running dry of both.
I mean, look at the mayor - he's to busy with his hands in several different bowls at once, running for Congress while he should be helping run his CITY!

Anonymous said...

"I'm not a fan of people who enjoy anal intercourse. It's not a healthy habit."

I wonder if "Anonymous" also won't support smokers and fat people. He also assumes that all gay men have anal sex, which just goes to show his ignorance. So typical of a conservative.