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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Even With the Win, the Left Wants to Destroy Palin

WOW. Talk about ungracious winners. This is abominable. Even with the win, the liberal media is out to destroy Sarah Palin, a US governor, wife, mother, role model. Disgusting. Thanks huff post and Newsweek, for once again lowering the bar. Classy move.
Latest news item? Palin apparently greeted McCain's campaign advisers in a towel. There's more on her clothes too of course. Newsweek should be ashamed.



Alex Diz said...

The Far Left view Governor Palin as a threat. If they didn't believe that then Palin wouldn't be getting all that Radical Left Wing love. That means great news for us. A good sign that Gov.Sarah Palin will be back Stronger and and more Formative than ever. That's what scares them so much.

Pam in Kansas said...

I also saw this story in US mag. I subscribe to neither. alwx is very right, which is good!

man in the mirror said...

I certainly agree with your point of view on the Left wanting to destroy Gov. Palin...But what frosts me is the cowardly back stabbing coming from within the McCain campaign. That's right, let's devour our own. See "Political Cannibals" at http://mirroronus.blogspot.com.

Daniel J. Watkins said...

They are still afraid of her! Seriously...if they weren't, would they be spending any time and energy on her???