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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


If liberals are suggesting that Obama's election is a referendum on "out-of-touch," "outdated," and "intolerant" conservative values, then how to we explain what happened last night in California?

  • No on Proposition 8, to legalize same-sex marriage
  • No on decriminalizing prostitution
  • No on naming a sewage plant after George W. Bush
  • No on removing Jr ROTC from schools
If California still votes center-right, it's hard to imagine that the nation is now -- suddenly, overnight -- center-left.


Alex Diz said...

Looks like some must have read your book. Smart folks. Keep up the work.

Anna said...

It was yes on Prop 8 - to take away same-sex marriages. If you're going to call California out, get it right.

Serious George said...

Hmm... looks like I'm hopelessly out of touch on the left. I had no idea being for legalizing prostitution was a center-left idea. Sounds conspicuously libertarian (the ideology that doesn't have a home, but sometimes calls itself "Republican" on a lark). And naming sewage plants after politicians. Yeah, that's a mainstream Democratic position. After they named all the sewage plants in the District of Columbia "W," those wild DNCCers thought they could get away with it in Cali, too. Thank goodness the OC triumphed.

If you want to fight the meme that the Republicans are tanked, at least do it with a credible argument.