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Monday, November 10, 2008

Red Eye

Had a blast on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld...and doing it again Tuesday night (airs 3am EST on Weds morning). Here are some clips from last Friday's show:





Anonymous said...

You were AWESOME on the show!!! What a sense of humor they have!!! PAB was good too! Will be watching tonight!!!

Pam in Kansas

B. Hoffman said...

Its good to see new blood on Red Eye. Right Wingers need to laugh too.

The Political Pundito said...

You did a really nice job on Red Eye. It was wonderful to see a fresh face, with a great sense of humor, on the show.

Lurker said...

I wonder if S.E. got the 2 girls and 1 cup thing?? lol =P

Jonfun said...

So, S.E. I can see why you never became a doctor. Couldn't deal with worms in the brain? Yeah, I know this isn't the episode it was on either but that was sure funny. Reminds me of that dodge ball line. "I just threw up in my mouth, a little bit." God Bless.