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Monday, November 3, 2008

Joe the Plumber

Today I met Joe the Plumber.
After an appearance on Fox & Friends he came into the Fox Strategy Room with us, and shared some of his thoughts.

Yes, he has stopped plumbing, save for a favor he did recently for his friend (incidentally, an Obama supporter.) Yes, he has a book coming out, though it's not yet written. Yes, he signs autographs as Joe the Plumber, admitting his last name makes it too time-consuming a procedure otherwise. Yes, the left's invasive body cavity search of his finances and personal life was painful. And yes, if he had it to do over again, he may not have asked the question.

But these things I think I could have guessed. Meeting him in person crystallized for me what has made him the powerful symbol of working America that he's become in such short time. He is unequivocally genuine. He came at every issue we discussed from a personal place, and not a sweeping ideological one. Whether it was the 2nd Amendment, his small business plans, or health insurance for his employees, he was sound, rational, and authentic.
My friend Margaret Hoover, who was also in the Strategy Room this morning, called him "Joe the Hero." I'm not usually one to rally behind symbols or platitudes, but she's right. He is a hero. If McCain wins tomorrow, he will, in part, have Joe to thank.


Matt said...

I saw the show this AM with Joe and I totally agree with your comments. Wasn't it great to see the Average Joe? He doesn't have a message, but he represents all that is good about this country. I'm glad he's thinking about running for office! There should be more regular Joe's like him running for office. There should be term limits for all elected offices. We need more real joe's in the government than career politicians. BTW, love the blog!

Gasgwar said...

I'm jealous! Then again, I meet Joe the Plumbers everyday. We all do.

spacemonkey said...

Joe gave the McCain campaign the focus it needed.