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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Values Voters Have Died?

"Values Voters Have Died. They Have Risen. They Will Come Again," in Human Events, by S.E. Cupp.



Dad29 said...

For a self-described 'non-believer' you sure have the Catholic phrases down pat.

New here--referred by James T Harris, Hero of Milwaukee.

Good stuff!! Keep it up!

Keith said...

This is such a silly question. Everyone votes their values. The question is, "Which set of values are most pressing this election year?" The people who elected Obama were voting according to their values. Not to recognize this is to commit a huge gaff. You denigrate people when you assume that you have values and they do not. Your question smacks of arrogance.

This is one of the problems that conservatives have. They/we portray ourselves to the world as the only ones who have values. This is a huge insult. How do you suppose we can persuade someone while at the same time telling them that they have have no values?

Highly doubtful.

Alexander said...

"This is one of the problems that conservatives have. They/we portray ourselves to the world as the only ones who have values." - Ummm, Wrong! It's not that we see ourselves as the only ones with values... we just see ourselves as the only ones with the RIGHT values. (dang, was that "hate speech"?) No, that wasn't hate speech, that was clear speech. And just to be clear again, "right" have anything to do with taxes, it has everything to do with honoring the gifts given to us by God.
And if I sound (write?) ticked, It's only because I am... I'll get over it... maybe...

lpereira said...

Sent the same message on facebook, not sure it was really your profile, so it goes here too!

I've known your blog due to Suitably Flip, which I've started reading this election. And, even being a conservative (a seldom case in Brazil), the conservative blogs and sites (i.e. WND) were just too... "pentecostal preaching" to me, that I was not even a bit keen to them. Suitably Flip was somewhat better. But your blog is really great. Then I noticed you had written a book, skimmed the website about it, and... whoa! that's really hot stuff. It's something I was expecting to find for a long while by that time! I'll surely buy it and read it soon.